350 lyft bonus

As a Lyft driver, you are subject to coast casinos inc Lyfts Terms of Service.
On a Lyft bonus of this size, the new driver would probably have 45 to 60 days to complete the rides.
The Lyft Application Process When you sign up to drive for Lyft, youll need to upload the following items during the Lyft application process.The Per Ride Lyft Bonus Has Mostly Replaced The Lump Sum Bonus Overall, the per ride type of bonus is far more common than the lump sum bonus.Lyft rider promo code page.This bonus also pays you extra money for every ride you complete.Each week, we have an opt-in limit, and we change which cities to offer guarantee hours to, so not everyone will be able to opt.You must have in state personal auto insurance (your must be listed as a driver on the policy) for the vehicle you will be using.If you use your code to refer new Lyft drivers, you start receiving your bonus the moment the new Lyft driver gives a ride.Refer friends and family to Lyft to increase your earnings.The vehicle must be in good working order.You used to have to give one ride every thirty days to stay active, but that is no longer the case.
Besides the Lyft driver sign up bonus, Lyft also offers the Power Driver Bonus.

Lyft has exploded in popularity over the last year, with Lyft drivers now giving over a million rides per day in the.S.How do Lyft drivers get paid?For example, From the Lyft site: In some cities, we offer Average Hourly Guarantees.If they dont, you can simply email Lyft support and ask them what your sign up bonus amount.Some of the these amounts are also available in other Lyft markets.Cars have Lyft age requirements too, which can vary by state.
Driving record check and background check Every potential driver is required to undergo both a driving record check and a criminal background check.