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Settlement Agreement - re: alterations violations and barrier removal at a hotel and casino, including parking, designated accessible guest rooms, and toilet rooms (12/23/14) Trump Taj Majal Casino Hotel Settlement Agreement - re: : alterations violations and barrier removal at a hotel and casino, including.
Settlement Agreement - re: providing effective communication, including sign language interpreters, for deaf or hard of hearing customers at a tax preparation business (3/18/10) HRB Tax Group, Inc.
Automated Petroleum Energy.
Augusta County, Virginia Consent Decree - re: provision of physically accessible polling places for individuals with mobility and vision disabilities (11/4/15) Complaint (11/4/15) Letter of Findings (5/13/15) Blair County, PA, Settlement Agreement re: Provision of accessible polling places (3/10/14) Board of Election Commissioners for the.Board of Education of Scott County, Kentucky Statement of Interest of the United States of America PDF This Statement of Interest was filed to clarify the proper framework for evaluating the title II ADA claim at issue in this case, where the plaintiffs have alleged.Rosa Mexicana Consent Decree - re: consent decree requiring removal of architectural barriers in multiple New nitro casino York City blackjack staff login locations of a restaurant chain (2/12/13) Rosita's Luxury Tours, Inc.The United States further alleges that Miami University failed to make these technologies accessible to such individuals and otherwise failed to ensure that individuals with disabilities can interact with Miami Universitys websites and access course assignments, textbooks, and other materials on an crow bingo equal basis with.Objections of Amicus Curiae United States to Proposed Disney Class Action Settlement Agreement PDF (3/12/09) Aurora Health Care Settlement Agreement - re: denial of medical treatment to two patients with HIV (7/21/17) Autobuses Ejecutivos,.L.C.Consent Decree - re: accessible service and operations of a tour bus company to ensure that persons with disabilities have available to them accessible transportation and services from trained employees (7/26/12) Starline Tours of Hollywood, Inc.Thomas, VI) Settlement Agreement - re: removal of architectural barriers in hotel property and restaurants built before and after the ADA went into effect (2/1/12) United States.National Conference of Bar Examiners 5:11-cv-174 (D.Settlement Agreement - re: making reasonable modifications to medication policies to accommodate a child with a disability in need of asthma medication (2/18/10) The Great Chinese Buffet Settlement Agreement re: modification of policies, practices, and procedures to permit the use of a service animal.Marys Duluth Clinic Health System Settlement Agreement - re: furnishing appropriate auxiliary aids and services including interpreters for deaf patients and companions at a hospital (7/3/08) United States.New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission Statement of Interest PDF re: supporting plaintiffs' motion for partial summary judgment regarding the applicability of title II of the ADA to defendants' operation and regulation of New York City taxicabs in failing to ensure that the city's.Settlement Agreement - re: operator of demand-responsive transportation service must comply with all requirements of accessible service and operations, provide accessible service with an alternative carrier with advance notice, training all employees and contractors about the requirements of the ADA, and file required annual reports.Constitutions Supremacy Clause requires that state law give way where it is in conflict with a federal law such as the ADA and opposes the renewed argument that the plaintiffs ADA claim is foreclosed for failure to exhaust administrative remedies under idea, a federal statute.
Settlement Agreement - re: provision of sign language interpreters and other effective communication at an attorney's office (5/29/08) Cobble Hill Restaurant Settlement Agreement - re: voluntary compliance agreement requiring removal of architectural barriers in Cedar Falls, IA restaurant (6/6/17) Cohen and Jaffe, LLC Settlement Agreement.
Consent Decree - re: ensuring equal access to a law office for individuals with disabilities who are accompanied by service animals and providing for payment of compensatory damages and a civil penalty (3/29/10) LeHouillier Associates,.C.

(4/6/16) Complaint (2/8/16) Press Release (2/8/16) Gwinnett College Settlement Agreement - re: forcing student with HIV to withdraw from a college medical assistant program (4/24/14) Hamilton Initiative, LLC Settlement Agreement - re: architectural accessibility of neighborhood businesses for persons with mobility impairments (9/30/14) Hampton Inn.Appellate Brief for the United States as Amicus Curiae supporting appellants and urging reversal re: closed captions and video description as auxiliary aids in movie theaters (2/6/09) Arizona Interscholastic Association, Inc.Bern Township, PA Consent Decree re: reasonable accommodations for employees and job applicants with disabilities (6/29/06).Consent Decree - re: career colleges failure to enroll applicant with HIV in licensed practical nursing program (4/27/15) Complaint (4/27/15) Concord Hospital Settlement Agreement - re: provision of appropriate auxiliary aids and services, including interpreters, for deaf and hard of hearing patients and companions where.(9/29/14) Milwaukee Montessori School (Wisconsin) Complaint (9/29/14) Press Release Modern Dental Professional, Indiana,.C., d/b/a Monarch Dental Associates Settlement Agreement - re: providing qualified sign language interpreters at dental offices (4/17/06) Monterey Airbus, Inc.City School District of New Rochelle, New York Consent Decree - re: public entities obligation to provide students with disabilities the opportunity to meaningfully participate in evacuations whether actual or drills under Title II of the ADA (7/23/14) City School District of New Rochelle, New.Statement of Interest of the United States of America PDF The Statement of Interest was filed to clarify the scope of Title III as applied to private entities primarily engaged in providing specified public transportation services, including entities that operate a demand responsive system.2nd Settlement Agreement - re: auxiliary aids and services to ensure effective communication in juvenile justice facilities (7/11/06) Zavala Plus, LLC Letter of Resolution - re: requirement that an over-the-road bus company file required annual reports with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (11/10/11) section 504.Metropolitan Opera, New York, NY, Consent Decree - re: alterations requirements, removal of architectural barriers, and ticketing policy to provide access to the Metropolitan Opera House (4/8/11) Microtel Inns Suites Settlement Agreement - re: modification of policies, practices and procedures to permit the use.
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