Aggression factor poker

aggression factor poker

50vpip (Fish 18vpip (TAG Now think for a second about how each of those hand ranges hits the flop.
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You can then browse a vast collection of stats about yourself and the opponents you have played against.
TAG Raise: Combo draw (1 set(1 flush draw (8 top pair (14) 24 Call: Some mid pair (2 some top pair (6) 8 Fold: Bottom pair (2 some mid pair (6 Air (60) Fish Raise: Combo draw (1 set(1 flush draw (8 top pair (10.The original post by mason55 is titled 10k posts: Aggression Factor, casino end scene vpip and You!The simple equation is: Bets Raises / Calls, this number is irrelevant over a small sample size as an opponent could appear very aggressive when in fact they play rather passively, however, many use it in the HUD as after a large amount of hands.PokerTracker is a piece of software that imports your hand histories and shows you statistics about yourself and your opponents.Edits for clarity or readability have been made.The amount of time that hes passive.Say these players have a flop distribution (just guessing here).You can use this to improve your own leaks, as well as finding leaks in your opponents play.A 50vpip and an 18vpip.Screenshot of PokerTracker 3 Stats.Since these calls decrease the Total AF, we believe that a more accurate measure of aggression ignores preflop AF, and focuses on aggression on the flop, turn, and river only.AF Value, interpretation.5 : Player calls twice as much as betting or raising 1: Player calls and bets/raises with the same frequency.5: Player bets/raises 50 more often than he calls 2: Player bets/raises twice as much as he calls.If you look at what aggression factor is in PokerTracker youll see that its: (Raise Bet ) (Call its the ratio of the amount of time that a player is aggressive.This is a pretty big limitation of AF and one that people seem to forget about.This value ranges from zero to infinity, which makes free slots machines mecca bingo it awkward to use.

The following article was found on the 22 forums.The TAG is going to be making a lot of top pair, good kicker hands, as well as sets and combo draws.It seems like people are constantly misunderstanding aggression factor around here.Unfortunately this software costs money to purchase because of the constant updating the developers must.TAG 20 top pair 8 mid pair 2 bottom pair 8 flush draw 1 set 1 combo draw 60 air, fish 10 top pair 10 middle pair 10 bottom pair 8 flush draw 1 set 1 combo draw 60 air, lets look at what happens.AF (Raise Bet ) / Call.Free 60 Day Trial to PokerTracker If you are a statistics nut like myself and enjoy having all of this information on your opponents; I would highly recommend the PokerTracker software.
The full version costs 90, but there is a discounted rate for micro stakes players to pay 45 up front and 45 at the higher limits.

Limitations of Aggression Factor If you look at the AF formula, youll realize that it doesnt include fold.