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Note that this animated cartoon JibJab eGreeting Card is made with Put Takes for the musicians faces!
With sandpaper he got a nice point to spin.Cake Mania: To the MaxCake Mania 2Cake Mania 3Cake Mania Main StreetCake ShopCake Shop 2Cake Shop 3Calavera: Day of ann margerette pokies the DeadCalavera: Day of the Dead Collector's EditionCall of AtlantisCall of Atlantis: Treasures of PoseidonCall of the AgesCamelia's LocketCampfire Legends: The BabysitterCampfire Legends: The HookmanCampfire Legends. .Solid brass gold plated. But the top is difficult to spin properly and consistently.
Heads and Tails Bakelite Dice.

It describes Put and Take as the "biggest game in the country and "when it rolls over and stops, you do what it says." It uses the game as a parable for life, and a jumping off point for its economic message.I saw these for the first time August 25, 2010, on eBay in two auctions with starting bids of about 65 each."Bte" is short for "breveté" patented.This piece how to count cards in blackjack with 8 decks has a brass rod that appears to be pressed into the inside of the base; and doesn't appear to have ever had, or needed, a top covering piece. Mine came recently in a plastic box with a paper inside that said, "bojo's TOP copyright 1982, Bojo's, Colorado City, Tx" Bi-level slots plus casino no deposit bonus codes Poker top, made of steel (magnetic).Thanks to Marianne Jager for finding this song and production data.Top of Marianne.Robots Playing Poker (Dogs included are K9 from Doctor Who, Godard from Jimmy Neutron, Muffit II from Battlestar Galactica, Preston from Wallace Gromit, RIC from Power Rangers, Hasbro's I-Dog, and aibo).
I won it at auction Aug 2014 for 65 plus postage.

 The one on the right has colors instead of the usual inscriptions.