Authentic casino poker chips

Other composites can feel anywhere on the spectrum from sand paper to hollywood casino aurora poker room hard plastic, which is why you won't find any of them in Vegas.
Casino Party : If you are going to have a casino party and need ideas, there is nothing better than custom chips with the theme of the night.
100 Authentic Casino Chips - Same clay chips, same manufacturer, as those used in numerous popular Las Vegas casinos including the prestigious Mandalay Bay Exclusive mold - This chip line uses Sidepot Gaming Company's highly touted throwback mold design, the Cigar Snifter mold.We could have stopped right there and still have had what is widely considered the premier clay poker chip on the market today.The tradeoff in ability to stack is negligible, if noticeable at all.Two concentric circles frame this repeating design, one inside and one outside.Choose from 25 cent to 5000 denominations.Put your information on one side with your booth number and a las vegas theme on the other side.Each chip in pre-oiled for optimum touch, feel, and sound Borrowing from a little known phenomenon in the casino chip collecting world, we break-in these clay poker chips with a labor-intensive oil treatment process that mimics exposure to hand oil, a process that can take.While you might imagine a high stakes night at the tables, custom poker chips can serve a variety of other purposes as well.Each chip is made with the.The combination of the economical base and the 4-color inlay (reminiscent of what youd find on our true casino lines) makes for good quality, denominated chips that can be offered at a value-conscious price.Lessons From The Pros: Life Imitates Art: Star of the recent offshore gambling flick Runner Runner, Ben Affleck had a real-life run in with casino security for alleged card-counting at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.And you can get an exclusive set made for your store!More Questions Answers, revealing the truth behind some of the most common slot player questions.Home game mold designs are lacking.

The exact reasons for this intentionally textured surface is debatable, even among industry insiders, but the general consensus is that it makes for better friction between chips which makes them stay in stacks better.Out of that collaboration came the unique and purposely designed Courts Numerals mold, a new classic.Poker Night: We all love to have a great night with friends.Once you place your order for personalized poker chips, playing cards, or any of the other great poker accessories we carry, we will produce and ship as soon as possible.The foundation for the Neophyte poker chip is currently what weve found to be the best mid-range poker chip available on the market, which weve substantially enhanced with our classically designed 4-color Laurel wreath and dice silkscreen inlay that comes in 8 denominations.Their thoughts about the home game poker market mold designs are quite different.We have a team of graphic artists standing by to take your text, logo, photo or design to help create the perfect chip for you!Nothing better than something to go along with the theme and make a lasting impression at your event.Neophyte Poker wa gambling commission Chip Line "When it comes to chips, a good place to start is the Neophyte Poker Chip from." - All In Magazine '05 Holiday Gift Guide ( see details ) ( Click here for detailed images ) Samples Chip Stacks Custom Quantity.
These chips are the same quality as those used in the casinos like Mirage and Bellagio.