Bad gambling stories

No problem, I thought as I ambled back to the wonder 4 jackpots casino, One of the guys will give me a boost.
"Whats your street name?" I asked.
Talk Like a Pirate, a pirate walks into a bar with a paper towel on his head.
You should be able to guess the rest of the story by now.Id booked a small win, so I decided to take xenoblade 2 pre order bonus off.My personal bad beat story of all time: I felt lucky one Thursday about 5 years ago.Id been playing poker for about 6 hours, when the game looked as if it was going to break.One Caesars Palace Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109.
The ticket (split 4 ways, not 3) would have been worth.8 million.

Anyway, after a big pot is awarded to the wrong person, that hard-wired portion of the sub-lower hippocampus region of the melon will instantly kick in to tell the whole table what rotten luck the player received.M is owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.Ceri Poker Broker Jones is a pawnbroker and poker player.Go to Free Gifts.Before the shopper could pay for her groceries with a personal check, I needed her address.We could cry and whine about our bad luck, but youll very rarely see top notch poker players get too rattled about tough beats because they know they are going to happen.Looking back, I suppose an over/under.5 hours (laying 155 for the over) would have been a good line, but Id still be forced to plough the over.See, I possess.A.
Its not the end of the world.
Here are some that wordsmiths contributed to the Merriam-Webster Open Dictionary website: Epiphunny (noun The moment of sudden revelation when one gets Read More.