Bally slot machine repair removal

How Long Does it Take to "Systematically" Fix a Typical EM Game?
Getting Started: the Parts Assemblies of an EM Game.
A Gottlieb total reset stepper, used for ball count on a 1971 Gottlieb "2001." Yet another type of stepper unit is the increment/decrement or single step reset stepper.Transformer to a 1972 Bally Fireball.With a single solenoid connected to a moving bar on the relay bank, the bank can reset all of its relays to their untripped position.Get a lug style 25 amp 50 volt (or higher) bridge rectifier (available at Radio Shack.) Flipper Rebuild kit.Solid State games are not covered in this document.Having a schematic for a game would be ideal (but often the game can be fix without it).Put a DMM meter on AC voltages and one lead on 'common'.

The Hot Buys Shop is filled with clothing and products at unbelievable prices.AC coils gambling games with dice easy have a coil stop made with these same materials.The larger number 63 lamps are also used on some EM bowler arcade games, which is a 6 volt version of a #89 bulb.Pinball Resource sells an assortment.Fiber (Bakelite) Flipper Links and Plungers.Gottlieb uses a large sand resistor to load the 28 volt current down to 6 volt levels for these feature lights.If the high-powered side of the coil was activated alone for more than a few seconds by itself, the coil would get hot, smoke, smell, and burn, and probably blow the game's solenoid fuse.Always inspect the fish paper, and replace where necessary.

Nowadays their use would probably be restricted in consumer products because of the toxicity of selenium.