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Nick was variously listed as from Loughton in Essex, Bletchley, and Newark, Notts.
Harry retired in Perth, Australia, and it's thanks to him for this piece of history.
Tony Allen #348, shown tangling with Dirty Dennis in the Brafield fence.When Stu Smith took over this car, he was horrified by its evil handling, and declared it undriveable.Here Jack is in the group photo for that famous West Ham final; Jack is third from the left, and to the right of smiling Jim Berg and Jock loyd who would go on to win that.Brenda Hickey has kindly sent the following facts and photos in memory of John, who passed away in 2000.Alan started BriSCA in 1959 as a teenager, and drove brilliantly on shale and wet tracks. The motor's Holley race carb came from a usaaf Chicksands serviceman.March 2015: play multi hand blackjack online free Enlarge that parade photo and look at Chippie Weston's right hand holding onto the flag; there's a glint of a ring on his 2nd or 3rd finger.The Henson 477 car rode up on Chippie Weston's bonnet and windscreen, and 'Chick' recalls that when the noise and shaking stopped, he climbed down in a hurry to help extract Chippie from his car, and someone tapped him on the shoulder - it was.The vehicles, once prepared, were then resprayed white (quick flash over) and I think on the later ones had a blue circle or square on the roof for identification for the helicopter.I'm including two photos from 1958 here: Barry and car (1) ; Barry and car (2).He bought the Ford Pilot V-8 from Gerry Sheldrick of Linton (Cambs and towed it home with a straight bar to the front bumper. .May 2010: 'Old pals chatting' - at Brafield in 1962, Ellis, arms folded, sitting comfortably on the front of his 183 car, listening to (oops: not Trevor Frost as previously labelled) someone. Elsewhere on this site is my favourite snapshot of Ted Pankhurst and Dougie Wardropper neck-and-neck at Brafield in their fabulous identical-looking cars.And the Tiger Griffin Fan Club sec's letter page 1 and page 2: The late Bill Burdett was a keen fan, and took his son Cliff to the races; Cliff provided the Mitchell club images, as well as the two Cadwell Park photos below: February 2016.

March 2010: Here's Ron Pears 331, masked-up and ready to rock with a mischievous grin, and here, in 1960 at Staines, Ron and Ken Freeman (61) lose traction.Keith Barber unearthed this car and repainted it for a Stu Smith Testimonial event at Belle Vue in 1987.Sliding on the shale #34 Tony Leicester on the outside of 228 John Hillam Grainy photo of two champions, Jock Lloyd and Freddie Mitchell.Up from Saffron Walden came Ron Cayzer 267 to enjoy the very fast laps possible on Hednesford's banked 440-yard surface.Chick raced it only at Brafield. I only wish their happy faces had been included.Roger was from Earl Shilton in Leics.Bryan Sharman 143 from Notts and Dougie Wardropper get stuck.August 2010: Thanks to the sharp eye and memory of Vic Smith who remembers the popular annual Railwayman's Carnival, run from 1925 and last held in 1970. Jack ran a motor business in Peet Road, Derby, and: "Every winter when trade was slack, he'd be in there either renovating a stock car or constructing a new one" The first lottery mystery few photos are from the fifties, but I'd like to keep them all. Other men wearing ties, of course, in 1964.