Best single slot low profile video card

I figure it is comparable.
Evga GeForce GT 730 4GB DDR3.The card con call bingo is at least two times faster than an integrated graphics solution (Intel Core i5 as reference) and packs a lot of power for the how long before sars payouts price.This is an overclocked (SC) GT 1030 card, which means it will offer slightly better performance than a stock GT 1030.Evga GeForce GT 740 4GB DDR3 SC Specifications.This is a great card for users who are are on budget and just to play older games or eSports titles on their budget gaming.(You twist a screw or two to install the how to win big money on slotomania shorter bracket in place of the ordinary one.) This enables the card to mount on the vertically smaller PCI-slot frame.Memory type was determined by reported clock speed and known video card configurations.Unlike other GeForce GTX 1050 Ti cards, this one does not come overclocked and it has the same GPU and Memory frequencies as with reference GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card.This slim Radeon RX 550 graphics card comes with 4GB gddr5 memory having 128-bit interface.Cons: Auto-boosts well, but doesn't overclock much beyond the out-of-box.This is the spot where the video-output ports on a graphics card will show through the back of the chassis.
That's a tough call, but in that form factor, it's the best option.
Super-affordable for decent 1080p.

Quadro P400: no real consumer equivalent; a GT 1030 with 2GB RAM, core clock speed unchanged, 500MHz memory drop, and a 256/16/16 shader/TMU/ROP config.For smaller, pC cases that still have room for a full-height graphics card (like the aforementioned Cooler Master Elite 110 you'll need an air-cooled card that may be 8 inches long or less.The card is powerful enough for casual gaming, video editing and other graphics related work.Connectivity options include DVI, hdmi and DisplayPort.This is a budget graphics card that comes with 4GB 128-bit DDR3 memory.Their unusual proportions mean that they may be able to take big video cards, but not big mainboards.It comes with 768 cuda Cores and 4GB gddr5 memory.The distance between the bracket area and the nearest object on the other side of the case (often a hard drive mount or bay, or the wall of the case itself) will determine how long a graphics card your system can handle.This is an affordable graphics card which is based on the AMDs latest Polaris GPU architecture.Also you must have good airflow and ventilation in your PC case by installing additional case fans for such single slot graphics cards.If it does, you'll need to compensate for that.
For instance, the shoebox-shaped SilverStone Sugo SG12 has room enough for a graphics card over a foot long.
The 750 and 750ti are really the best option if your case has room for a double-slot low profile card.