Bets budget mage decks

Class Meta Decks: Spell Hunter Deathrattle Hunter, burn Mage is a solid list if you are looking to play some Mage in The Boomsday Project meta.
Duskbreaker is an insane card, and with some Dragons from The Witchwood, and the Inner Fire Divine Spirit combo youve got a pretty formidable deck thats only a couple of epics away from the meta version!
When lethal is a turn or two away, start focusing on the enemy - experience will help you judge when this moment comes, so don't be put off by a few clumsy losses.
Late-game Value, this deck contains one of the most powerful late-game tools available.As for the rest, toss back anything that costs more than two Mana, and only keep Mirror Image if you're facing a Warrior and the potential threat of their early-game axe.If you want to get right into the meta, then these are the decks I would start with.Were into the second expansion of the Year of the Raven which makes building budget decks a bit easier.Theres also Doubling Imp, which is one of the targets you are hoping to hit with Infusion, and is a great way to develop a strong board.Tempo Mage decks and combines it with the strong Battlecry effects that come with the Elemental tribe.Whizbang Deck Recipes List Guide to learn all about him!In these situations, it is worth asking yourself if it is worth wasting spells on their minions.

There is a deck for every class!Another great thing for budget players is that.One positives about the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne is that there were changes to packs that give you a guaranteed legendary in the first 10 packs of a new set, and removes the possibility of getting a duplicate legendary from a pack!As it is with all of our budget-friendly deck, it's critical that you find a way to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of our Mage offering.As you get closer to 10, however, the road is going to be much more difficult and only a couple of them will manage to continue to climb steadily.This is unfortunate, so weve gone ahead and created some budget decks that should serve you well if you are in the ranks around.All decks will be consisting from cards valued under or around 2000 Dust.Mage Cards, neutral Cards 2x 2x K C 2x 2x Un'Goro 1x Un'Goro 1x Un'Goro 2x 2x 2x WW 2x 2x Un'Goro 2x WW 1x KFT 1x Un'Goro 2x Un'Goro 2x Un'Goro 2x Un'Goro.In Knights, we got a free legendary Death Knight hero, Kobolds and Catacombs we got a free legendary weapon, and with The Witchwood and The Boomsday Project we got a free class legendary!Next up for the shoestring treatment is the mighty Mage.Unfortunately, Midrange Hunter got very little in The Boomsday Project, so theres not much change if you have been playing this previously.
Budget Deck Recommendations, token Druid, Mech Paladin, Combo Dragon Priest, Aggro Mage, and Zoo Warlock are the best of the lists.