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It can be as easy as cutting out the three shapes using construction paper and using yarn to creating a loose necklace.
Avoid covering your pet's face.
Step 5: Head, take a box and see if it is the size of your dog's head.No photo opportunity is worth traumatizing your pet.This costume is a bit more complicated, but its from the Queen of Halloween.Not going to lie, Im already thinking maybe Pug should be a pinata for Canine de Mayo next year.A pair of antlers can turn any dog into Rudolph, and full costumes are available for Santa, angels, and elves.Issues with Cats and Smaller Pets.Stranger Things finally returns this week, so you can bet lots of pet owners will be transforming their pets into characters from the awesomely retro TV series.
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Yet another costume on my must powerball lottery strategies make list.

A pet costume can also help round out a group of themed costumes among family or friends.There are a few basic design styles in pet Halloween costumes.Duct tape to secure.And even if it is not Halloween, you can still use these getups for any special occasion with your pet.Step 4: Tail, take your tube/box and cut it to the length that you want.Some costumes cover the entire body, like a pair of footy pajamas for animals.
If the intended costume fits over most of your pet's body, a sweater will help it get accustomed to being covered.
If you pet is uncomfortable or scared, don't push the issue.