Big bets synonym

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Antonyms, adj 1 flexible, malleable, pliable, soft, weak easy, easy-peasy (slang) lazy, light, soft 3 clear, direct, easy, easy-peasy (slang) simple, straightforward, uncomplicated 4 agreeable, amiable, careless, flexible, friendly, gentle, good, humane, kind, lenient, merciful, mild, permissive, pleasant adv 9 10 .
This is too fucking good!
Also, a person who followed a circus or carnival but was not on the payroll, perhaps hoping to peddle goods as a concession or to wait for a job to open.Ante Post, ante Post markets are set up far in advance of the scheduled start of certain events.Love that tight little body and her sexy nipples!Qualifying Loss: A small loss that is usually made on the qualifying bet.Similar shows had been playing circuses for decades.For example, two different slot machines may have the same RTP but one may have a low variance, paying small wins frequently, whereas the other may have a high variance, paying larger wins, but less frequently.Races are between two miles and three and a half miles long.This can either be refunded as money or as a free bet.Bankers are often used as the cornerstones of combination bets to boost value.Fixed Prices: A fixed price is the price you get if you choose to take a price on a particular selection.Sometimes used to mean throwing too much stock, thereby losing money.Touch The price asked (and inevitably gotten) for the major items offered toward the end of a jam auction (q.v.).Automatic Betting, automatic websites or software packages usually aimed at individuals with little or no experience in matched betting.If you accept a 2 bill, you should tear off the bottom right corner and get rid of it as soon as you can.Expired Make sure you check the expiry date on your free bets so chat people roulette you dont miss out on those profits!Not Under Orders las vegas imperial palace hotel and casino On the Off of a race the flag is raised, and any runner withdrawn before the signal is deemed not to have come Under Starters Orders.

They differ from bookie-to-bookie but are usually along the lines of Bet X, Get.Most commonly, horses are coupled in US or French racing if they share the same Owner or Trainer.Sky Grifter A tent-revival evangelist of the more mercenary sort.She leans back so the sexy blonde can fondle her big tits while kissing her neck and shoulders."He's wrangin' the joint" would mean the customer is giving the jointee a very hard time.Sign Up Offer (see Welcome Offer Because there are so many bookmakers jostling to be noticed, they need some way to encourage customers to sign up with them instead of someone else.