Cahoots card game

Unlike its card in the card game, Supersaurus loads the dinosaur onto its neck and casino board games german flings it toward the opponent dinosaurs.
Gigantic Fall (all Secret Super Moves) Owned by :.
Princess Anne Voiced by: Rebecca Soler The fiance of a younger Louis xiii.Moves Ever used : strip slot machine 320x240 Attack Burst (Normal) Owned by : blackjack awac knife Gavro (Spectral Space Pirates) Other Info : Achelousaurus may have taken by Gavro but was rescued in offscreen when the heroes reclaim the Space Pirates' ship and got send into the future along with the.He wields a whip that often gets caught on things which are generally things he is not aiming for.He also saves the D-Team when they are cornered by the Alpha Gang, catches the new cards, and reclaims the lost Dino Holders from Seth.Rasheed Voiced by: Sam Riegel The sultan's prime minister.Found in place : Somewhere in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (specifically on one of the islands near Devon Island ).
Eocarcharia wears a unique variation of Spectral Armor called "Omega Armor" (or "Jark/Spectral Armor Omega being golden yellow and looking like metal bones.
Found in place : In India Owned by : Rex and Max (D-Team) Other Info : It enjoys swimming in the Ganges River with butterfly style.

Z experimented on them and strictly trains them to become ninjas, but then they started to revolt.Name : Honnah/Euploc Element : Earth First Seen in Episode : (21-) First Activated : The egg containing its card and Move Card got some dirt on it near the Alpha Gang.Unlike the Pachycephalosaurus, it seemed to recognize.Paris is named after the type of dinosaur that she.Z) Other Info : Terry is the most powerful of the main three Alpha Gang dinosaurs, and although his isn't very smart proves a dangerous opponent, actually proving to be stronger than the D-Teams main dinosaurs.Found in place : Rome during the Roman Republic Moves Ever Used : Aqua Vortex (Water) Owned by : Foolscap (Spectral Space Pirates later Zoe (D-Team) Name Yang Element : Fire First Seen in Episode : (54) First Activated : Sheer first activated.In any given industry, these may include: The number of firms: As the number of firms in an industry increases, it is more difficult to successfully organize, collude and communicate.Found in place : In Augusta, Georgia Owned by : Ursula (Alpha Gang later Zoe and Max (D-Team) Other Info : Its card is an Assist Move Card with a Super Impact ability.

When Jonathan manages to expose his plot, Seth finally turns on his comrades by using the Fire Scorcher move on Saurophaganax causing the D-Team and the Alpha Gang to retreat.
Nathan Deckham Voiced by: Michael Sinterniklaas Nathan Peckham is a parody of football player David Beckham.
He and his gang have been poaching animals in the Kenya Reserve and have been evading the Wildlife Protection Team.