Card wars best card in the game

This is because right now she's got a transportation from las vegas airport to tuscany suites and casino pretty competitive Cornfield deck that is simple and building-focused, with plenty of buildings and many creatures that benefit from having a building in their lane.
Mop, contents show, placing A Card, edit, placing the right card at the right time can make or break a game.You can balance the defense with the attack and the healing abilities using some spell cards.If you have Sand Knight and Legion of Earlings you should try that deck.Blue Plains creatures are known for their strange floop abilities and strategic use, this deck is a combination of brute force and strategic thinking making it a good build for early and late game.Landscape doesn't have to be Blue Plains or Cornfield as I can always hybridise.
Rainbow Stall Deck: (Any 4 different landscapes of choice).
I also ran the deck with two 'The Dog' so I could make her buildings blank, but these are only 1/7s so get killed very quickly, and the building stays there anyway so it only saved me for about three turns, and even then.

High healing cards are also very useful with the corn.There are many combinations of landscape cards to fit a role your deck needs to play.For example, I have a gold sand witch and a gold cotton saurus-rex.Blue Plains, Blue Plains, Blue Plains, Blue Plains.Witch Ways, 4, crystal Balls and 4 5 star creatures of different landscapes.Not to mention Cornfields has some of the best offensive and defensive cards in the game.A Woadic Chief is also recommended for use with the Cornotaur, seeing that, when flooded repeatedly, it can dish out massive amounts of damage.Landscape cards are the basis of a deck.
Many players use 3 to 4 different landscapes during the early game due to a lack of cards however during the later game the better players and opponents use 2 different landscapes.
Use Sandy Lands for boosting your creatures defence at the same time you can combine this with using Corn Fields for boosting your creatures attack.

Doughnut or Earl of lemon grab.