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Walter Robinson, NPR, October 2015, questioning the Story: What caused the, boston Globe to decide to pursue the story?
Retrieved November 12, 2012.Like in the film, Paquin said he himself was raped by a Catholic priest when he was a teenager.He launched an effort to go to the courts and get the records unsealed.How many priests did the Spotlight team learn were involved in sexual abuse in Boston over the years?"There were many, many other priests, we thought perhaps 15 or 20 at the time, who had done the same thing says the real Walter Robinson, "yet the Archdiocese had covered up their crimes by making secret settlements.O'Malley, who took over in 2003 after disgraced Cardinal Bernard."Episodes: Pawn Stars 191 total Episodes"."We would interview each of them about the same moments, to triangulate what happened, 10 or 11 years after the investigation said director and co-screenwriter Tom McCarthy.
The same site also gives the 1980s as the date of the lunchbox, which is clearly an error, as the seller in the episode explicitly said it was from 1967, which is in line with when The Rat Patrol originally aired on ABC.
Baron had the Spotlight team begin an investigation into Father John.

Paquin told Kurkjian (portrayed by Gene Amoroso) that he had molested boys until 1989, the year before the Archdiocese of Boston removed him from his position.Retrieved March 27, 2015.The Boston Globe 's Spotlight investigative team."What we discovered was just too shattering." m Real Spotlight team member Michael Rezendes (right) poses with his onscreen counterpart, Mark Ruffalo (left).Actor Mark Ruffalo, an outspoken, pro-choice political activist, told reporters at Spotlight 's Boston premiere about his unsavory experience with the Catholic Church."Put it sometimes in their words, or our words, or a combination.The series is filmed.But I never raped anyone and I never felt gratified myself Paquin told Kurkjian.To a large degree,.
The real Spotlight team members won a Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for their series of reports on the Catholic Church child abuse scandal and its systemic cover-up.
M Actor Liev Schreiber, who portrays Globe editor Marty Baron in the Spotlight movie, had a rather convoluted religious upbringing.

Awards 'Black Panther 'A Star Is Born A Quiet Place and even 'Mary Poppins Returns' have emerged as strong contenders, which could prevent smaller titles from capitalizing on the seasons awards buzz.
The papers are repeatedly referred to as "Pentagon" papers in the episode, however the cover of the top booklet reads "fbis Reports 1".
Did many more victims come forward after the story broke?