Cheats for money on sims free play new version

Yeah, every computer rental place you go to are filled with kids dressing up their Sims family, ordering them to do chores, entering lots of cheats on their Sims Social new slot madness no deposit bonus codes game and lots of other mundane things actually.
Requirements: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
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The website owner makes you fill out surveys because its earning him money.Thanks and credits to all the people concerned for this mega post.Please type in (G.L.X.S) in the comments!The Year of the Dragon has just entered and Valentines is coming.And even after you fill out the survey, the file you will download is half- baked, meaning it's fake or trash.Trust me, I know.Download it at the link below: http: /www.LP, the notorious gaming dude who discovered this Sims Social cheat.This method is also known as clearing your Google Chrome cache;.Show your appreciation by subscribing to his You.You've landed here looking for Sims Social cheats, hacks and bots for Facebook.Share this on Facebook now.

The Sims Social Guide: How to Get More Money.The Sims Social, Guide, Cheats, Tips, Tricks and More.The Sims: Social Cheats for Facebook Home / Facebook / Sub Menu.LP for sharing this cheat to the community.Free Items Cloth.If you're new to playing the Sims Social, this.With this new one, straight to the point and clean.The Sims Social Turn Social Points to Simoleons Trick.

And frankly, with all the cheats that was integrated in the previous Sims games, what's not to cheat here right?
Open Google Chrome, click thee wrench icon on browser toolbar, select Tools, select Clear browsing data, check everything, then press the Clear browsing data button.