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To recapitulate briefly, Keene was a director of Worldwide and had a consultancy contract with this company, while still retaining his position as CEO of the UK half of the joint venture, msol.
And no doubt it was a pure oversight on Morris part to omit to mention in 7reels casino com his fax that he and Keene had, just the previous day, instructed the companys bankers to send 50,000 to Giloberg Finance Ltd.
I explained to Mr X that I did not feel our Board and our investors would like his offer.
I was extremely busy at the time and left the matter there but over the weekend I started to wonder what legal expenses?At the present time there are attempts being made within the company to reconcile this matter in a manner acceptable to all those involved.Right first time it was David Massey.Furthermore, his statement in Section lucky slots jackpot D part 3 is totally inconsistent with Keenes assertion in Chess Café posting 317-39 (see above) where he claims to have invested the 50,000 in order to try to secure the World Chess Championship.It is hardly surprising that Worldwide rejected Mr Xs offer, despite Keenes enthusiasm for accepting.The companys own documents filed at Companies House state that Raymond Keene received fees of 50,000 in the period ended December 31st 2000 (note 17 to the consolidated financial statements).

Schedule, lucky Hearts Poker Open (Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood) January 10-22, 2019.Bob came in as an investor, as did Philip Bond who you persuaded to make an investment as recently as August of last year.This response contained the news that on April 11th Keene had resigned from the Board of Worldwide.And if you were acting in the interests of our companies how is it that you and Don own shares but we do not?On their web site MVI claims to have developed a unique process that enables quality video pictures to be viewed.5G mobile phones How the company developed this amazing technology so quickly is not explained documents filed at Companies House in the UK show.Yours sincerely, David Levy On December 19th I received a further fax from Mr Greystoke at Atlantic Law.
Keene responded on the same web site as I had published my open letter, denying my accusation, and claiming that, When the full truth emerges I think you will be amazed.
I come now to your fax of yesterday evening.