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With three chances of winning a large jackpot and gigantic lottery prizing the SuperEna Max cements its place as Europes most exciting lottery game.
State Lottery Report Card page. If a player matches the "Jolly" number they are in line to win an additional, escalated "51" prize.When to Play the SuperEnaLotto Lottery: SuperEnaLotto may be played three times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays around 19h30 Central European Time.You can obtain more detailed information by clicking the appropriate link in the upper-right part of the page.Being based on the Italian powerhouse lottery game means that the SuperEna Max gameplay and winnings follow the exact same format, namely: Picking 6 numbers from between 1 co nightclub crown casino and.Also of note is the, draw Method information above, which lets you know if the game is drawn with a real lottery drawing machine, or a computerized drawing.In the event of any conflict between the winning numbers posted on this website and winning numbers as contained in the Oklahoma Lottery gaming system, the winning numbers as drawn and as contained in the gaming system will be treated as official.Lottery Post has the quickest and most accurate online lottery results for the USA, all states, and around the world.Winners per Game, probability of Winning 50,000 50,000 12 1 in 1,008,000 2,500 2,500 24 1 in 504,000 (1,000 x 2) (100 x 5) 2,500 24 1 in 504,000 1,000 1, in 72,000 200 x 5 1, in 72,000 (200 (coin) x 2) (100.The Oklahoma Lottery makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided on this website.
Geainbow "rainbow" symbol, WIN ALL 10 prizes shown.
GET A " symbol, WIN that prize automatically.

Results may be viewed on sisal TV or online.Tennessee (TN) Lottery Tennessee Cash game details, by Lottery Post.UPC: ticket, more 2 Tickets, ways to Win, prize.All winning tickets must be validated through the Oklahoma Lottery gaming system. An extra bonus ball (the jolly number) is thrown into the mix to give those who successfully matched 5 balls another chance of taking home an even bigger prize.The Jolly number only affects second tier prizing, but not the jackpot.All winners, tickets and transactions subject to Massachusetts State Lottery Commission rules as published in The Massachusetts Register and the Administrative Bulletin.Geoin "coin" symbol, WIN double THE prize shown.You can find a complete list of drawing methods for every game in every state on the.A player wins the jackpot if and when they match all 6 main numbers drawn.Prize structure is based on the sale of approximately 12,096,000 tickets.
Lottery Post is proud to bring you complete game information for Tennessee (TN) Tennessee Cash, including the latest lottery drawing results, as well as jackpot prize amounts and past winning numbers.
SuperEna Max Lottery, how to Play the SuperEna Max Lottery: The results and winnings for the SuperEna Max game are directly based on the SuperEnaLotto lottery results.