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This older kid down the street gave me 5 for it and I was hooked.
Im standing in a building right now with probably 75 motorcycles in here, dating from 1902 up to, I think, 1955.
Because thats the roots of our country.And then today, I was charged by a large Labrador.What do you do when charged by off-leash neighborhood dogs?Have you always lived in historic houses?I sold that one and bought another riverboat pilots house, where I lived until I bought this 1860 general store in downtown Le Claire.Stop to the Akita, which surprisingly, she did.

But you should have seen this thing.Another one said, I am doing off-leash training with my dog and I did not see you.I am not sure if that is the best thing to do though.Point, leaving make your own slot machine app a dog with no recall, off-leash, is dangerous to other people, other dogs, and to the dog himself.If he were a truly aggressive pit-bull, we would have been toast.Thats where all the garages were open, and you could see people in there, tinkering.Suddenly, I hear some heavy barking, and a pit-bull charges out from one of my neighbors backyard and starts barking at us crazily.We need to save small-town America, man.Luckily another neighbor heard me, came out, and secured the dog.The amenities that are on Main Street, the specialty retail and the architecture and all that, are what drives people wanting to live there and build homes there and move their corporations there.
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Everywhere except my first house.

Everyone in Le Claire thought I was nuts.