Expedition the role playing card game

This includes my 10-year-old, who has been pestering me for more, so something is definitely right!, robin Brooks of Geek Dad "By 1:30 am when we stopped, everyone wanted more.
Playing through a featured quest in the app The Expedition system, like the game itself, has endless possibilities.After years of playing traditional RPG's like Dungeons Dragons and Pathfinder, we realized that roleplaying shouldn't have to take forever.After months of brainstorming and experimentation, we came up with two solutions: By putting all of the rules on the cards, we're able to speed up setup by a factor of ten.In-app quest sound cues.Here are some things that we're really excited to add in the future, once we've delivered on our first promise and everyone has their copies of the core Expedition game: A community around custom quests - a website to share and discover Expedition quests New.Roleplaying should be about having fun together.After the Kickstarter, Expedition's price will increase to 30, so now's a perfect time to pick up extra copies at a discount!As we asked around, we found that this was a surprisingly common problem: we're also so busy these days that almost no-one has time for the roleplaying games of yore.Expansions that add new environments and mechanics to the games - puzzle cards, feudal japan, armor and weapons, and more!(just keep in mind that the campaign ends on May 3rd ) If you play a game and can't put it down, consider coming back and ordering a deck or two.If you agree, you're going to love Expedition: The RPG Card Game.For those regions, Expedition won't incur VAT/import duties and customs are included."Playing, expedition is a huge amount of fun.", geekDad, we created Expedition so that anyone can enjoy roleplaying, whether this is your first RPG or you're a D D veteran.We wanted to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons, but kept running into problems: nobody had hours every week to prepare a campaign.
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We have a lot of ideas on how to make Expedition even better - and with your support, they might just be possible!

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In case your device encounters any issues, the app is also available as a web app.On the manufacturing side, our biggest concern is slowdowns that might delay you getting your copy of Expedition.25,000: 5 to d20 dice : so that each player can have their own die 30,000: Custom health tracking clips : paper clips work, but they aren't exciting.Potentially even more (at no extra cost to you) if we work together and reach our stretch goals Note that you can include additional copies of Expedition in your pledge by adding 20 per copy.The Expedition Adventurer's Kit includes: borderlands 2 jackpot hack 166 cards, enough for up to 6 adventurers and one (optional) Guide, including 10 adventurers, 80 abilities, 40 encounters, 30 loot and 6 helpers 1x d20 die 12x plastic health tracker clips, box and quick start rules sheet (not pictured).Imagine a quest themed around music scenes - sneaking around a jazz bar, fighting on a military parade ground, etc.
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