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Keks is designed to be perfectly evocative of that peculiar style, which is fitting given that the world casino nyc company that made this game, Igrosoft, is Russian.
Keks is no exception charming, accessible, appealing to both casual and hardcore gamblers alike, and offering tons of ways to win big, Keks gives you a whole host of reasons to play.
The games icons reflect a number of images relevant in many Russian folk tales a black cat, an accordion, a rolling pin, as well as what appears to be some sort of Kirby knockoff.
On top of that, there are three original arcade style games to check out.This packs 4 different games into one, including a standard Igrosoft slot machine with a fishy theme, and three different video poker themes : Bingo Poker, Win Poker and Double Poker.So, you will never be too far away from some wacky novelty spins, no matter where you.The game looks to take place inside of a kitchen, complete with a doting grandmother, and basket full of dough.This slot machine does differ slightly from the others already mentioned because it does incorporate some 3D computer animated visual whereas the other games are predominantly designed with 2D cartoon illustrations.The website's News page also hasn't been updated in over 3 years since 2012, with the last news item reporting a legal style notice that the company has cancelled contracts with a number of employees.In Ant War, for example, players have to fend off attacking beetles to protect their juicy strawberries.When you get at least three scatter symbols, youll trigger the real bonus game.
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While the main focus of this software provider is on novelty 5-reel video slots, they do supply a couple of games with a classic charm.

All of these games tend to follow very similar gameplay patterns.However, this history and experience is somewhat invalidated by any significant growth pattern.If you dont, you still get all of your accrued winnings, so dont worry about losing everything.Chapter Educator's Corner, month, title, author, links 2011.But dont let that discourage you, because there are still several chances to win big.However, this developer is fairly well-known and well respected among the gambling circles of Russia and its neighbouring countries.There is also a score multiplier present.But if Grandma stumble on a Bun or opens all 5 stoves, the super-bonus will be triggered, in which you will have to find a Cupcake in the bushes, and not bump into the wolf who really wants to eat Grandmother.Alternatively, there are some vintage style spins available in 5-reel format with Fruit Cocktail.As a proof to that, the game has two bonus rounds, as well as the opportunity to double your winning prize.

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There are currently over a dozen different Igrosoft slot machines available to play online.