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This roulette strategy finds the relationship between the physical variables of the wheel, and the winning numbers.
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Free and simple visual ballistics tutorial videos Part 1 Free Roulette System part 1 m Part 2 Free Roulette System part 2 m Pros: Relatively quick to use Requires 60 100 spins to evaluate each wheel Cons: Requires late bets (after ball release) Beats only.And this is quite easy.If you are detected, the casino staff temporarily change procedures to make winning more difficult.This is why the casinos know their best defence is detecting consistent winners, but its easy for you to win 1,000 per session without being detected.With the correct strategy, it is relatively easy for players to win more than enough to live comfortable.But if you dont get greedy by winning too much too soon, you can earn substantial profits without being detected.

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For example, if you see where the ball hits the wheel (rotor you can guess approximately where the ball will land.Some may advise betting strategies such as the Martingale, the Tier et Tout, Labouchere and other similar systems that simply fail.Measure the distance in pockets, and youll find that the ball bounces a predictable distance.Easy to learn and use, cons: Legal in approximately half of casinos.Just click on the play button and enjoy the game!For example, a good strategy is to avoid playing on Friday and Saturday nights as the table is too busy, and the wheel spins infrequently.Test 2: Predictable Ball Bounce Observe how far the ball bounces after first hitting the wheel rotor.
1st, roulette Computers (Hidden Electronic Devices see m for the best roulette computers, and free instructions to make your own.
It is very simple to use because automated software does the sophisticated analysis for you, and it gives you convenient betting charts that tell you when and where to bet.

You can see an in-person demonstration of our computers on any wheel design you want, and you can even spin the wheel yourself.
But ultimately it doesnt even consider what the Fibonacci sequence actually represents, and is just another betting progression.
The principles are very simple.