Hedge fund bonuses 2013

US hedge fund and banker bonuses are set to rise by 10 in 2013 but there is still a pay disparity between different business sectors on Wall Street, says a consulting firm.
"The difference this year is we saw a reduction in the correlation between fund performance and bonus levels.".
"The change we saw was in the big percentage increase in the number of hedge fund professionals that expected their compensation to decrease Kochanek said.
Hedge fund bonuses are extremely volatile: you could get paid a million or zero. .The annual report primarily focuses on the North American market, but does include data and responses from funds in the United Kingdom and around the globe."These larger bonus pools will be passed through this year as higher compensation for bingo millionaire scratchcard key staff.".Created this same thread last year and it had a good response so thought it would be helpful to do it again.read More : Hedge funds hope for more mortgage juice ) "Hedge funds' bonus pools were poker timer for windows fueled in 2013 by the combination of increased performance fees and additional management fees generated on an increase in investor capital allocations said Anthony Keizner, head of Glocap's hedge.US banker bonuses are set to rise by 10 in 2013 but there is still a pay disparity between different business sectors on Wall Streets, says Johnson Associates (Photo: Reuters).

However, according to the report, bonuses were not necessarily tied to fund performance.And big gains (over 25) were all the rarer.So-called pre-MBA associates took home an average of 200,000, including a 90,000 bonus, according to SumZeros 2016 Fund Compensation Report, which is based on a survey of more than 1,800 associate positions between 20Associates with an MBA, meanwhile, took home an average of about 184,000.Firm size had little bearing on compensation, with similar earnings reported by employees from the smaller funds as those from firms with 1 billion under management.Respondents participating over the years represent a good cross section of the industry including small firms as well as some of the most recognized hedge fund firms, including: Apollo Global Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Blackwater Capital, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Gottex Fund Management.Page_id761, this year, we discovered a significant correlation between fund profitability and bonus size, said David Kochanek.
If you fund does well, then you will get paid; if your fund underperforms the market or loses money, then there is a good chance you will receive nothing. .