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Yanin Vismitananda and several stunt actors suffered multiple bruises and cuts while shooting the film's fight scenes.
14 Unknown film (1929).
Retrieved ollen, Scott Allen."13 Foreboding Facts About The Omen ".Archived from the original on Retrieved b c d e Gallagher, Simon.In real life, Yeager's flight helmet had caught fire on colliding with the ejection seat 's heated exhaust in mid-air.87 Because of the injuries on set, crew turnover was high as many never returned on set.Cameraman Robert King Baggot was killed during filming free credits to play free pokies games in Kauai when a huge wave hit his boat and washed him overboard.Nearly a dozen rescue divers jumped in and brought them back on board.Juan Antonio Bardem came in to take care of the post production duties after Hill's death.107 Law Order: Special Victims Unit (2008)."Adoring fans remember famous Thai film star Mitr Chiabancha".
Soviet actress Inna Burduchenko suffered third degree burns while filming in a burning barracks on She died in the hospital on 15 August.
Citation needed Rocky IV (1985).

Actress Barbara La Marr injured her ankle during filming and doctors prescribed not only morphine but also cocaine to control the pain and enable her to continue filming.During filming on, Sheen suffered a heart attack." Hangover 2 stuntman who nearly died filming taxi scene sues Warner Bros".As it was one of the final scenes to be filmed, the movie was still completed on schedule.This was the only time in his career that his injuries forced him to be replaced for the remainder of the shoot.25 Buddy Ebsen suffered a severe allergic reaction to his Tin Man makeup that resulted in a collapsed lung and lifelong breathing issues.
"Isla Fisher Almost Drowned While Filming 'Now You See Me 'No One Realized I Was Actually Struggling.