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On the gambling commission scotland inside lid I have the denim logo sticker still there in pristine condition.
I look at touch different from the shot of me from 1978!Kind regards, Michael Wheeldon From: David Slater Subject: 3XY junkie Date: i Debbie, While you were a 2SM addict, I was the same with 3XY.I laughed and laughed over all the 2SM memorabilia.Ive written to everyone, Molly Meldrum, the TV archives, etc. .Hotham, for procter and gamble florida a few years untill moving in the Gippsland area.Geofm (Formally a broadcaster at north FM 101.1 and hawkesbury radio.9 ) From: Bruce Boote Subject: Radio Date: Sun, ear Debbie, Hi I am Bruce, live in Ulverstone Tas, just finished reading some of yours on 2SM.My God, I got goose bumps reading your tribute to what Wayne and I refer to as "The Sacred Station".From: Newman Harris Subject: 2SM webpage Date: Well I was surfing to find a couple old Top 40 lists, and stumbled on your lage.Ml At the bottom of the article I have put a link to your website.Maurice From: Darrell Subject: 2SM stuff Date: 10 December 2009 Hi Debbie My name is Darrell.Well it makes Long Way To The Top look like a high-school talent night!The good Old fantastic plastic card - I still have mine I reckon.There are no Australian station clips there yet, to my recollection.I was long gone.Then there was the identity shift over summer to 2SM - The Power (with accompanying jingle) and never forgetting Macca's daily ritual song Today's Monday, today's Monday, Monday is washing day is everbody 'appy?

Your face looks familiar.After 1983 I never went back to 2SM - ever.Someone in the US picked up on it via the internet and asked me to speak at a Cultural Heritage Conference at the Marriott in San Diego in the Radio History section.Thanks for the seventies adventure and your welcome to checkout my website and listen to some of my music.You brought back many memories especially on the stuff you put together on 2SM.Hi to you and to many of my old 2SM workmates who have written in or are mentioned RonE, Macca, Dan Craig, Charlie Foxx, Skinz, Andy Church, Doug Garske, Graham Miles, Julie Brodsky, Wolf, Phil mobilebet free spins Lenz, was a great time.Along with master producer John Brennan and effervescent sidekick, Maureen Ross, we presented a hard working - and on the ball - team.Doug From: Andrew Bayley Subject: 2SM Website Date: Thu, i, There was a link to your website via the oadcast newsgroup and I want to say congratulations on an outstanding effort on the 2SM and the other media history pages, I found it very interesting.I just love your 2sm site as does everyone else who comes upon.
And the first time I ever visited a radio station was at 257 Clarence Street.
I sincerely hope that this material has all survived intact and will someday emerge as a DVD package (now theres a retirement project Barry could get his teeth into maybe he could even get old Rod Muir to step down off his towering wallet and.

I had a ferocious appetite for music and have around 7,000 45's and 3,000 cd singles, I helped Garry Jaeger in the record library and did production, carting and panel operating, Gordon Elliott, Holger Brockmann (an experience let me tell you!) and Harry wild amongst.
Thanks, Col, a couple of your charts are now on the site.