Illinois lottery numbers for last night

illinois lottery numbers for last night

Wednesday draws were added to the game for a brief period between January 1986 and April 1987 and the matrix was changed to six from 54 in May 1988.
Additional innovations comprised a Monday draw and a new prize tier with the aim of building larger jackpots and increasing the value of secondary-tier prizes.
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The state's biggest individual game is the Illinois (IL) Lotto, which was first introduced in February, 1983 and rewards winners with a guaranteed jackpot of at least 2 million, provided they've matched all six winning numbers on their ticket.
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However, the goodwill doesn't end there, as the Illinois lottery has also previously run special instant games to highlight specific causes, such as the veteran support programs available in the Prairie State.
All Illinois Lottery statistics are derived from the Lotto Extra Shot.
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