Is a lump sum super payout counted as income

Shouldn't they still pay the vacation time even if it's a portion of it I worked for a company for almost persona 5 casino prizes 4 years I was fired and when I asked them about my vacation time they stated that I was terminated before my anniversary date.
I was given 7 days to reply.We (employer and employee) what casinos allow you to gamble at 18 had the same lawyer.Applies to California 0 answers Employer refusing to pay for overtime wages earned My employer has bounced back and forth on whether she's going to pay me overtime on a project she made me work on at home.Do they have to pay over time after 40 hours or is this ok Local class a truck driver in California but my company is based out of St Louis.Applies to Massachusetts 0 answers Is it legal for an employer to force certain individuals in a group to change their scheduled hours?I have already given a verbal resignation to my current employer.
I work in sales and have held (3) different territory positions North East Chicago, Northern IN and Southwest MI, and 11 key accounts in MI, IL, NY,.

We wouldnt join 5Dimes solely for their lottery action.Does my employer have to pay me when the regular supervisor is off or out of the office?In the second week of July, I joined the company.I work in sales in WA selling to WA customers.Severance Pay Plans, employers can offer employees severance pay benefits in the event of certain job losses, like from a reduction in force.She has been employed there for 17 years.Applies to Florida 0 answers Can salaried employees be docked pay for not signing a write up?But will I be penalized if I work during that peri.My 3 yo daughter is going to be having brain surgery, I know I can use fmla to secure my job but can I claim STD so I can get paid?I broke my right fibula and cannot drive.