Kfc employee wins jackpot

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Another story showed McDonalds employee Bridget quitting the job she hates after winning the spectacular jackpot in hustler casino gardena a mobile focused online game site in Ladbrokes Casino.
The picture of dancing lady in other story is a singing Tim Hortons employee, reported in 2015.Not Genuine Pictures, we have seen different versions of the story in question that also present pictures of the alleged jackpot winner.While they didn't hit the jackpot.82 29 shares, 82 points, story: another winner!Also, the websites presenting the too good to be true offers do not have proper credible information, and even carry disclaimers not giving any kind of warranty to the information, links and services provided.KFC Employee Quits Job After Winning 9,43,49,014.Co-workers expect to receive 8-10 million each after winning the state's lottery jackpot.Office shares 1 million with new worker.The stories also present name details of the alleged winner, and a screenshot of the bank balance showing the huge amount of money transfer won in the lottery.Dominos Employee Quits Job After Winning Spectacular Jackpot: Scam.Harry Smith talks to two of them, and Ray Martin offers some.McDonalds Employee Quits Job after Winning Jackpot.Moreover, we checked through couple of days, the date of the article is auto set to current one, and the story keeps claiming the free spins offer is available only for today.Fact Check: Various stories circling online present a special breaking report that say an employee from Dominos, KFC or other outlets has quit his/her job after winning huge jackpot money in a lottery game played during break.
Pedophile wins 3 million lottery, alleged victims sue.

Online Scam, when we clicked through the links mentioned in the stories, we were taken to websites (not the official casino sites mentioned where we were asked to submit our information and later deposit some money to be able to play any kind of games.One story allegedly shows 27 years old Dominos worker Vihaan Patel, who saw an online site while on break browsing Facebook, which offered 150 free spins at Grand Mondial Casino.Lottery Winners Share Prize With New Employee.Dominos delivery boy on motorcycle is actually an old one from New Delhi (India) in 2013.Hoax or Fact: Hoax and Scam).They hope to "pay it forward" by sharing their winnings with the only employee.No, the claims are not facts, the employee(s) winning huge jackpot money is not true, but part of an online scam.So considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, it is clear that the said stories about a Dominos, KFC or McDonalds employee winning huge jackpot money in free time and quitting job are hoaxes and part of an online scam intended to steal money from unsuspecting.Restaurant workers thought they won Powerball, but didn't.Special Report: McDonalds Employee quits job she hates after winning spectacular 362,259 Jackpot!Group of Coworkers Share a Powerball Win.
Dominos Employee Quits Job After Winning 9,43,49,014 On Smart Phone During Break!
Jackpot, money True or False?

# 179 km 11:44 PM link edit Would anyone know, how long would your lotto winnings have to main in a trust fund before you can have access to any of the winnings?
# 134 gb 11:45 PM link edit In response to #134, I disagree that the lottery builds people up like celebrities.