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The Powers That Be did the best they could, and made it fit at the end by making Changeling manipulation responsible.
Chuck welded arcs on top of arcs.
And could possibly implicate all of them as members.Compare, canon Welding, which ties together different series, and.About midway through the first season everything that happened up to that point was revealed to largely be the result of a CIA splinter group known as fulcrum attempting to steal the Intersect.When she herself dies in the song "Coma White both lose hope, and the song "Irresponsible Hate Anthem from Antichrist Superstar, is actually performed by Omga, not The Worm, as proven by the three "live songs".Onslaught waterfront airport hotel and casino mactan cebu does this with three elements: When Bishop first appeared in the X-Men comics, a key part of his backstory was finding a garbled tape of Jean Grey talking about a traitor in the X-Men's ranks who'd killed everyone, seemingly starting with Professor Xavier and.The mystical "Turtle" entity from It is "Maturin one of several Guardian spirits that exists to protect the Dark Tower.Innocuously Important Episode, which retroactively ties a seemingly unrelated event into an existing.Many Star Wars Legends sources tie in many of Palpatine's and especially Thrawn's actions as being to prepare the galaxy for the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.Reimagined Enterprise puts together many different disconnected references and plot points from Star Trek canon into new stories.Late in Season 3, Ra's Al Ghul reveals the existence of his rival, Damien Darhk, the leader.I.V.E., and that he was responsible for various episodic threats that Team Arrow had faced in Seasons 2 and.They're radially symmetrical and move by hopping.Somehow this causes his body metabolism to go in reverse; wherein usually any food he eats is instantly digested (explaining why he stays roulette competition so thin all the foods he eats now turn into fatty tissue, resulting in Jughead gaining a lot of weight overnight.

There were also throw-away lines and references that connected to as far back as "On Leather Wings an episode of Batman: The Animated Series that was the very first entry in the dcau.Back to the subject of Abeloth, the final Fate of the Jedi novel reveals that she's connected to the Son, the Daughter, and the Father, the living embodiments of the Force first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.He claims to be responsible for everything that happened in Logan's life and more, with plenty of evidence to back up said claim (Such as immense intimate knowledge of Wolverine's life, for example).Arc Welding is a retroactive form.In the Star Trek: Voyager Relaunch, though, it's revealed why he was on Cygnet IV specifically.Randall Flagg was trying to conquer that world in the name of the Crimson King, and he wanted to build his own new civilization atop the ashes so that his new subjects could be added to the Crimson King's army.The Futurama episode "The Why of Fry" reveals that Fry how to play blackjack for dummies tricks coming to the future was part of a wider conspiracy, as his lack of delta brain wave made him the only person who could save the Universe from the Brainspawn.Both stories' time loop events are interconnected.The Legend of Korra : "The Stakeout" reveals that Unalaq, the Big Bad of Book 2, was a member of the Red Lotus, the villains of Book 3, and he helped them kidnap Korra.Scenario 24 is a mash of the starting battle from Sayonara no Tsubassa as well as the titular impact of Trailblazer, by mixing in the fact that the Galaxy refugee ships were at Jupiter.Though far from canon, there's a real case to be made for the Great Leader being behind that series.
Further welding is suggested in the Metal Gear Solid 4 novelisation, which adds in things like the technique Ocelot used to become Liquid in 4 was the same technique used in the attempt to turn Raiden into Snake.
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In the sixth season, the previously unnamed head of this group was revealed to "Graem Bauer and it was explained that he was responsible for most of the government's shady activities going all the way back to the fourth season (when Walt Cummings tried.
This refers to the evolution of the Reploids into something anted, those two are in a future (and a world) that anything's possible with the Reploids (or technology in general).
In the Marvel Universe, The writers and editors of all of its comics revealed that Weapon X is in fact controlled by an organization that has existed since before wwii called Weapon Plus, a secret governmental organization hellbent on eradicating mutants, who is responsible (directly.