Latest lotto numbers and payouts

latest lotto numbers and payouts

Total Low and High Numbers Drawn Since 1992 Low 1 to 24 High 25 to 49 Number of Winning Combinations Drawn With These Counts Percentage Wins 0 6.0004 Position Frequency By First Number.
Your first position number should be in the range of 1.Results of Latest Draw Total Position Frequencies of Other Numbers Drawn With First Number Other Numbers First Number 2nd Pos Freq 3rd Pos Freq 4th Pos Freq 5th Pos Freq 6th Pos Freq Bonus Pos Freq Total Freq Did You Know?BC/49 numbers have had a good record of having at least one number repeated from the previous draw.Unbelievable - Some lottery software allows lottery terminals to print duplicate quick picks.The majority of winning combinations start with these numbers.Duplicate Quick Picks Louisiana players buys 4 tickets, all tickets have the same numbers.Try to have at least two of your 2 number and 3 number combinations with high frequencies.Results For Suggested Position Frequency Ranges Date num 1 1 to 13 num 2 3 to 24 num 3 9 to 33 num 4 18 to 41 num 5 27 to 46 num 6 37 to 49 November 21, November 17, November 14, November.Increased odds, increased ticket price (2 still offers a break-even prize and a jackpot winner receives whatever amount the Finance Group determines - not the amount in the prize pool.Short to Fund Jackpot: Est 1,723,809 Click here to see a recap of Lotto jackpots where the TLC overpaid the winners (short to fund).
At least one should be in your chosen numbers too.

Check your First Number with the frequencies of all the other numbers that you have chosen for Positions 2.9) Refrain from using a Single Digit (check Side Column) more than twice.Not Sure What Numbers Have been Drawn Before?That if the Municipalities in British Columbia mapped out the 1-in-200 year floodplains, the property tax shift would amount to billions of dollars!Posted 1/7/14, Click here Triple Chance Winners See who won, where they're from and when or casino stockholm IF they collected a prize at all.Bonus, past numbers can be found.Check your number combination to see how many of your numbers are Low and how many are High.But they still have computerized draws and that's the only way to fix it!

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