Lego indiana jones 2 all bonus levels

If you find all 10 in a level, the completed artifact will show up in the Artifact Room.
(20 points Complete all Treasure Mode Levels in Skull 1 Hub.
(20 points Complete a "Build Your Own Adventure".A character with a shovel is required to dig up the lever.Princess Rescue: It is to the left-hand side of the palace.Bonus Level 4 - Castle Cave.A character with a shovel is required to dig up the circle.Go up the left-hand side of the mountain with any vehicle other than an aircraft.The Last Crusade: Successfully complete Temple Of Doom.Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull 2 Peru Airport: It is at the starting area directly in front of the plane.The Last Crusade Venice Library: Cross the small Lego bridge in the Venice area to find a door.Use explosives to blow up the silver dishes on the left then use a character with a Shovel to retrieve the fourth chest.A character with a book (Stanforth) is required to decipher the hieroglyphic to open the doors.Bonus Level 2 - Beach Pit.

Take the Key to the Artifact Room.Use the scholar powerball lottery strategies to solve the hieroglphy puzzle in the courtyard and open the gate.After you touch down, turn the switch to open the front gate so you can enter and exit easily.(Single Player Only) Now you're getting nasty.Advertisement Berlin Airport: It is directly behind the blimp next to the entrance kansas star casino for the third mission.Peruvian Market: It is to the left of the starting location.(25 points Edit a Bonus level in the Builder.

Follow the walkthrough Fly over the castle and drop onto the roof.