Lottery winner giving away money on instagram

Turns out this guy does NOT want to hang out with.
Last week I was on vacation, trying to avoid social media and inglorious bastards card game visit with family, when a random stranger reached out with the only bait that could possibly get me to cave and check ddos payout my Instagram DMs: 60,000 IN cold hard cash.
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Did an Instagram user just contact you about a lottery?Simulation Argument rabbit hole and will get back to me soon, or hes just not interested.Which is hard because these are the flimsiest answers one could possibly imagine.Theyre also encouraging people to report them as fake on social media.When someone new on Instagram contacts you asking for money 'to make money you should automatically ignore and report him.In that case, heres everything you asked for.So either hes now falling down.I would san manuel bingo schedule like to inform you that your name was selected among the 20 lucky Instagram winners who won the sum of 600,000.00 on the Instagram online lottery international draw.Alternatively, the scammer could say that the small charge is just a 'processing fee' of 3 of the winnings.
Wow, this guys getting cocky.
So I decided to play along and see if hes the real Richard Wahl: He was ready for my hard hitting questions.

If neither of us can prove were real, maybe neither of us ARE real.So I decided to check this guys story out.Related Articles And Pages, full List of Phishing Scams, amazon Brushing: How Fake Reviews Work.That's where the scam occurs.You'll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam.Okay so immediately I am now 100 sure this is a scam, and mostly just surprised by how bad this guy.Hopefully you're not one of them.Facebook Lottery Scam : Watch the video below to see in action the scam exposed: Facebook/Instagram Lottery Scam Video, criminals create fake profiles using stolen pictures from the Internet - as the one above - and claim to be Instagram employees.Maybe we can scam each other!PayPal Alert, pinterest Password Change, how You Can Lose Hundreds of Dollars To Online Marketing Gurus.
Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.
Maybe I can get the money without giving him personal data that would allow him to scam me?