Lotto results for 31st december 2016

Clint missed the close by 44, good for third place.
It is a time honored strategy around new casino slot games 101 here.Difference is, DbyF, around here those same numbers can make things even worse.Rukeyser passed away in 2006 and the current generation of investors is left without his insights and wisdom.In addition carrera slot cars 1 32 scale to being able to only deliver a third place finish, the owls had him off by 199 on the Low and 160 on the Close.All jimcramer had to offer with his predictions was booyah!But some of you managed and Ill be mocking you shortly.For the High and (!) the Close: For the first time since I did it in the inaugural contest, we have one winner in two categories.Refering to his prior years poor showing, in entering he complained: What!And on your journey remember: Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

The more accurate description?He offered his own set of predictions, complete with this rational: I printed out the S P 500 graph, drew some lines and guessed.My owl pellets are just as moldy.Guys, stealing a phrase from my pal Jeremy at Go Curry Cracker : Think of everything you read here as being written by your unemployed Cousin Larry who wants to borrow 20 Two years ago, Rob Diesel was our overall winner. .Well, it was flat not down.And certainly dont take any of this too seriously.Well end the year up around 6, but it will be a bumpy ride.I think that sets the stage for a another good year.Instead, this year all he had to offer was: I am an optimist.No less than the Wall Street Journal ran this headline: US Stocks post worst annual losses since 2008 Really?
His low missed by only 110, saving him from a clean sweep in the goats placing.
Off only.64, his High would have put him in fourth place if, you know, we acknowledged losers down to that level.