Mills quarter slot machines

Very nice 25 cent machine that was ordered from the factory with no lights and amber plastics as indicated by the original inspection tag.
This machine has original tin reel strips, original paint, Watling back door and lock, original cash box and future pay feature and the mint vendor is complete and working.In the rare case where I cannot arrange for someone to personally pickup the machine I make it very easy for you to ship the machine.3 1344: Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Fairest Wheel.I plan on putting up some videos which will give how to check lotto max tickets online you tips on identifying the reproduction machines.1936 Watling Rol-A-Top Gold Award Vendor Before restoration Serial # 70334.Nice original non-restored 5 cent machine.
2 1327: Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Fairest Wheel.
Indoor Striker 719: Indoor Amusement.

If you have a machine that works good but is simply faded and ugly I can do a cosmetic restoration including wood, polish and paint.What coin does it take?Nice working machine including jackpot with a novice restoration.Nice original 25 cent machine with older exterior restoration and recent interior restoration.3 1329: Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Fairest Wheel.In 19 I flew around the country and visited many collections.Just in on consignment is this revamp machine which means it started out as a Mills Operators Bell and when the jackpot mechanism came out in the late 1920's manufacturers of the jackpot front castings bought up out of fashion non-jackpot machines and fitted them.4023: Withey King Six.Associates Your Fortune 3: Abco Novelty Hit-A-Homer 4: abco Novelty Hit-A-Homer 5: abco Novelty Hit-A-Homer 6: ABT Casino 7: ABT Casino 8: ABT Half Mile 9: ABT Half Mile 10: ABT Half Mile 11: ABT Merry Go Round 12: ABT Play Ball 13: ABT Rol-Let.However, I am always on the lookout for anything unique or anything that is a really nice original machine.You can get to it by going to m/cocd/.
6 3355: Mills La Comete - bingo halls in birmingham alabama 25c 3356: Mills Liberty quatro card game Bell 3357: Mills Liberty Bell 3358: Mills Liberty Bell - : Mills Liberty Bell - Cast Iron 3360: Mills Liberty Bell - Cast Iron 3361: Mills Liberty Bell - Cast Iron 3362: Mills liberty bell.
Vendor 2283: Mills Bursting Cherry (Brown Front) - Cast Iron -.05 2284: Mills Bursting Cherry (Brown Front) - dime 2285: Mills Bursting Cherry (Brown Front) - dime 2286: Mills Bursting Cherry (Brown Front) - Skill Stops 2287: Mills Bursting Cherry -.25 2288: Mills Bursting Cherry.