National lottery scratch cards remaining top prizes

national lottery scratch cards remaining top prizes

Terminal message with screensaver shall be sent to retailers within 48 hours.
Terms, scratchcards in this category may remain on sale whether or not a Top Prize remains to be claimed.
Camelot shall also take the following steps to inform players and williamstown news and lotto retailers: The National Lottery Line shall communicate the message to all relevant callers.Sales Team shall be informed and shall update retailers and multiple head office accounts directly.Retailer Planogram when they receive new stock.Contact Centre staff informed within 24 hours.In the case of printed advertising at retailers, Camelot shall communicate to retailers to remove the items within 10 working days and take reasonable steps to ensure retailers comply with the instruction.Camelot has also launched a second 3 Scratchcard called Pot of Gold.In the case of digital advertising, this shall be done within 24 hours.Camelot shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the poster is displayed by these retailers.If the last Non-Cash Prize or cash Top Prize is validated whilst POS is still in-store, or advertising is still on air, Camelot must ensure that the messages are changed accordingly.
The remaining cash prizes range from You bipolar and gambling addiction would think that it would make consumer sense for Camelot to inform the public that they actually have no chance to win the big jackpot or perhaps even stop the scratchcard from being sold.

Once the last Top Prize has been validated, Camelot shall, within 24 hours, prevent further activations from taking place.However, as there are still thousands of other prizes available and as agreed with our regulator, the National Lottery Commission, National Lottery retailers can continue to sell through the stock that they have activated for sale.The scratch card in question is the Red Cash scratchcard which offered 5 casino games free money keno top prizes of 100,000 which have already been claimed.The card has five different games, plus four top prizes of 4 million.A Regular Payment Prize refers to a cash prize where payment is spread over a period of no more than 12 months, as specified in the relevant Game Specific Rules.Definition, games which offer cash Top prizes, or Regular Payment Prizes with a combined total value of less than 121,000.Summary in Bi-monthly Jackpot Magazine.In total the card is expected to payout over 120 million in prize money.What makes things even more confusing is the statement released by a Camelot spokesman which said, All the top prizes have now been won on the 100,000 Red Cash Scratchcard and we have ceased distribution of the game.After this date retailers shall be permitted to sell Scratchcards that have already been activated.
Players choose games in this category based on the chance to win either the Non-Cash Prize or the cash Top Prize.
Camelot will make a 26 profit on the sale of the game card, which is actually pretty low for a Lottery scratch cards.