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Medal of honor: pacific assault FPS limited by an improper game install, it only stuttered when encountered program errors and reached 60 FPS on some areas.
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Once a favorite brand now with below average P4 design and the same old Radeon 9700 GPU.Another reason is that wxga panels are supposed to be lighter, consume less power, less likely statistically to have bad pixels and most importantly will do anything in native resolution including playing the latest games due to the powerful GPU With 8 brightness levels and.Right : pcmcia card, HD cover, SD card slot, firewire 1394, headphone min, only AA battery thick ( view larger image input and Output Ports.This GPU is only surpassed by the GO 6800 ultra in the XPS2 yet for Value for money it beats that one too.Another drawback is the viewing angle, while one could claim a 170-degree viewing angle arc, I would say anything over 90-degrees is pushing it as the colors and contrast begin to wash out and fade.The Inspiron 9300 is Dells 17 widescreen notebook for the home and small office market, competitively priced it offers the most value (and maybe plastic) for your dollar than any other desktop replacement.More current issues are the lack of any serial or parallel ports, you can add them by using various extensions but those are pricey and always have some disadvantage compared to an original port.Most keys are full size and are maybe even too big as the Space and some others could have been made smaller in order to allow the Del Ins Home End PgUp and PgDn a more accessible place other then sticking them at the top.Glass, and Plastic and, other recyclable materials.I was able to undervolt the CPU using right marks clock utility and a tutorial I cant take credit for.

Customer Support I got the basic warranty, like others I try to avoid long phone calls to Dells customer service, I tried the chat support several times and it was buggy and didnt help much as they asked me to call.Software Upon ordering Ive specifically chosen not to have any kind of extra software, even the free ones, that didnt stop Dell from loading it up with loads of unwanted applications.I would have liked to get more bass and oomf from the speakers. . We have the best, cleanest, honest, friendly and safe locations where we service our valuable customers.Its interesting to note the Intel wireless pro has no less then 5 processes (compared to Netgears 1).Besides the screen quality, no other brand or even Dells other models (a.4 widescreen was an option) came close to what the i9300 had to offer in terms of specs, gpu power and price.Compared to the Toshibas sleek control its kinda childish and I have yet to find how to change power scheme with a Hot-key.The screen is one of the most important and most expensive to replace parts in any notebook and as such got extra attention, it is the only major drawback of this notebook being easy ways to save money for vacation not as good as I hoped but useable and acceptable for the price.More indicators would have been welcomed too.Power supply I was under the impression the original power supply is of 60W ( a good thing ) yet got only 90W versions, their design is somewhat awkward with both wires pointing to the same direction, and being very short, prepare a place next.
Underload the CPU gets to 47 and the GPU can go to 57 and even further depends how much you push it ( see GPU Gaming ).
Only further weeks and months will tell the reliability of the Inspiron 9300 and if it was a good investment, but for now it looks like the best option for a 17 notebook out there.

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