Playing slots in vegas cheats

Play the "I Put A Spell On You" quest (you start the "I Put A Spell On You" quest through the Caesar's legion quest line and complete up to new online casinos for us players live dealer the part where you blow up the monorail and have to go talk to Colonel Hsu.
The payback percentagealso known as the payout percentage or return to playeris the amount of money deposited into a slot machine that is eventually paid back to the customer.Deactivate the security system, and activate the computer on the desk.Thanks to advances in computer technology, many casinos can now remotely manipulate the odds and payout, although they must wait until the machine has been vacant for at least four minutes (no mid-game manipulations).After you give them the supplies, choose the "I'd like to buy medical supplies" option.Chinese Stealth Armor location Enter the offices in Hoover Dam, and find the room with radiation signs around.
Then, select the "Speech" option (which should now be grayed out and cycle through the "Intelligence" options.

The domain is marked as inactive.Affordability in the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles.Note: This glitch was done on an card game twenty five unpatched version of the game.Note: This is best done after getting the perk that allows for over encumbered fast travel.Hunting Shotgun - Dinner Bell: At The Thorn, in the sewers in front of Westside.Only use three attempts during a hack, so you leave yourself with one to back out.When you are at the slot machines, do not exit slot machine mode to reload your game when you lose.Go to the cash register to trade the chips in for caps.
Straight Razor - Figaro: In the back of King's School Of Impersonation, owned by Sergio, whom you must kill to get.
The next options will be the Speech Check or "If you were unconscious, how could you have done anything?" Do the Speech Check, and then the other option will be the only one available except "Never mind".

You must complete the "Bleed Me Dry" quest given by Red Lucy.
Sniper Rifle - Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle: In the footlocker of the Sniper's Nest, overlooking the Cottonwood Cove.
For instance, if they have two Raider Sadist Armors at 45 and 76, but also has two Flamers at 20 and 8, then choose the Flamers.