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Holofoil backgrounds on the front, as opposed to the usual super casino free bonus non-holofoil, pixelated background.
Well, unless he was a child living in Japan during 1997, he doesn't have the Illustrator lol.The standard cards each feature a Pokémon adventure palace casino from.Special cards, image, characters depicted, venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Red, and, blue.Generally, Japanese cards don't sell for as much as English ones, but in this case you're lucky because the Japanese Base set does sell for more than the English set.Language: English, relased:, cards: 186, skyridge.Language: English, relased:, cards: 64, fossil.Language: English, relased:, cards: 62, team Rocket.Language: English, relased:, cards: 75, neo Revelation.Much of the artwork featured is exclusive to this series.So I assume you're talking about the Base set, the one that contained 102 cards and had stuff like charizard and blastoise and zapdos?This article is part of, project Merchandise, a, bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on all Pokémon toys, dolls, books, and collectible merchandise.Pocket Monsters Carddass Trading Cards is a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards that was manufactured by Bandai Carddass in 1997 in Japan, with all artwork drawn.

A few cards also have.Language: English, relased:, cards: 165, aquapolis.The front of the standard cards depict a Pokémon using a move it can learn by leveling up, such as a signature move or a move that it is particularly associated with.Language: English, relased:, cards: 111, neo Discovery.I would estimate that a mint Japanese Base set could sell for atleast 150.The value of those really depends on several things.There are 151 standard cards and several special cards.Language: English, relased:, cards: 113, expedition.
Language: English, relased:, cards: 83, gym Heroes.
Language: English, relased:, cards: 132, neo Genesis.
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The backs of the cards provide simple information about the featured Pokémon, usually their evolution families and what level they evolve.
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and, red, standard cards, an incomplete list of the Pokémon cards in this set.