Poker after dark cash game 150k

Peat had hit his full house and the situation was electric.
Ep 19 50K Cash Game Part.Ep 29 My Favorite Pro Week,.Welcome to the Game: Busquet, the new kid on the block, raised to 2,000 on the button with and was quickly reraised to 6,800 by Elezra, who just so happened to hold in the small blind.Ep 41 100k Cash Game: Day 5, ep 40 100K Cash Game: Day 4, ep 39 100K Cash Game: Day.He Said, She Said Week.Lonesome Shark Week:.Elezra paused for a moment before betting 13,500.Peat made the call and created a pot worth 216,400, the first six-figure pot of the match.Ill wait for a better spot when I determine how much will be in the pot, not him.Boeree ended up walking away with 147,780.96, while Mackey earned 109,743.00 for his second place finish.
Coolered : As the game was coming to a close, Peat picked up and raised to 2,000.

If you love poker, and we know you do, it'd be wise to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for all the latest news from the poker world.Mixed Matrial Arts Week.Ep 27 My Favorite Pro Week,.Season 7, season 7, season 7, season.Mackey called with Kd-Jc.The board came 9c-Ah-2c-Ad-5c, giving Boeree a pair of Nines and a key double-up.Nonetheless, Peat checked behind and the spiked on the river.Busquet called only to shake his head in frustration as the 107,300 pot was sent Elezras way.Hide ads with VIP, mark as watched, episodes.The free signup bonus no deposit poker first episode of the 150k Cash Game will air on Monday, February 7th at 2:05 am on NBC.At that point I knew he had a really strong hand.

I decided to call, Peat explained in the Directors Cut.
Peat Hits a Full House: Peat continued his aggressive style with a raise to 2,000 from the cutoff with and received a call from Busquet, who held, in the big blind.