Poker bluff

poker bluff

What is a Bluff Catcher?
In a way, this basically says that the story of the hand needs to line up correctly, otherwise your bluff will fall apart.
The bluff provides less favorable pot odds to opponents for a call.You must understand his behavior.To Catch a Bluff, There Must Be a Bluff.The small blind folds and you call with.Your opponent will choose to call rather than fold to your bets, since this minimizes your gain (and his loss but notice that this is a much better outcome than the 83 cents you would average if you never bluffed.Its not wise to bluff from early position, because you have no clue as to who has hit their hand or been dealt killer cards.If you bluff and your opponent folds you win 10 every time, giving you the best outcome here.There is 10 in the pot from antes, and after the draw you have the opportunity to bet another 10 (no raises or other bet sizes are possible, to keep this simple).It is a lot easier to fold and save money rather than risking a lot with a mediocre hand.We will also simplify the probability of hitting your flush to 1 5 displaystyle 1 over 5, and assume that your opponent will not raise your bet.How Much More Money Could You Be Winning?Bluffing on free slot machine games with free spins gladiator the flop can be very effective.In this example, the opponent will be facing 2-to-1 pot odds for the call.
So as a general rule of thumb, avoid bluffing on the river unless you are completely sure about what you are doing.
Note, however, that the opponent may also consider the pot odds when deciding whether to call.

This makes the river bluff look completely out of place, and is very easy to spot if you are an experienced player.If a player bluffs too frequently, observant opponents snap off his bluffs by calling or re-raising.For example, suppose that after all the cards are out, a player holding a busted drawing hand decides that the only way to win the pot is to make a pure bluff.This is a high variance way of playing, and only the truly great players are significant winners in this manner.You have to call 20 to win 57 so the pot is laying you.85 to 1 on the call. .The Why: By exploiting players who bluff too much you can turn mediocre hands that youd usually be folding games of pokemon cards into money-makers.The player's betting pattern in the hand has been consistent with the superior hand they are representing with the bluff.Whether this is profitable or not depends on the chance that you will fold.

A bit of a vague answer I know, but it really is the simple and most effective answer to the question.