Priest 3rd relic slot

priest 3rd relic slot

Virtues of the Light 1 Critical strike chance increased.
Highlord's Judgment 3 Increases the damage dealt by Judgment by 8.
Shatter the Bones - Increases the critical strike chance of Shield Slam by 5 during Shield Block.Aldrachi Design - Increases your chance to parry by.Justice through Sacrifice 3 Increases healing done by Light of the Martyr by 5.Healing Storm 1 Divine Storm also heals up to 6 nearby allies for an amount equal to 150 of Attack power.Words of Healing - Increases healing done by Holy Word spells by.Mind Shattering 3 Increases damage dealt by Mind Blast by 5.Borrowed Time 3 Applying Atonement to a target reduces the cast time of your next Smite or Light's Wrath by 5 to 15, or causes your Penance to channel 5 to 15 faster.Xal'atath, Blade argosy casino kansas city buffet coupons of the Black Empire - Shadow Spec - Dual Wield Daggers (Same Stats for Both) Acquisition quest: Fists of the Heavens Chosen Equip effect: Grants the Void Torrent ability, which unleashes massive shadow damage, and delays your descent from madness.Endless Resolve 1 Reduces the duration of Forbearance by 10 seconds.Consecration in Flame - Increases the duration of Consecration by 1 second.
Precise Strikes - Colossus Smash reduces the rage cost of your next Mortal Strike or Execute by 15 Many Will Fall - Increases damage dealt by Whirlwind by.
Precision - Increases the critical strike chance of Marked Shot by.

Shock Treatment 3 Increases critical strike damage and critical healing of Holy Shock by 8.Sinister Thoughts 1 Increases damage done by Void Bolt.It sounds like your still on the first block of 5, so stll have quite a bit to do, including having to do 2 dungeons.Taming the Shadows 1 Shadow Mend has a 15 chance to deal no damage.Gathering Storms - Each target hit by Crash Lightning increases the damage you deal with your next Stormstrike within 12 seconds.BUT, some of them have hazards that will increase the mission time, I think usually doubling.Stacks until Voidform ends.
The artifact weapons heart of the frontier slot in, world of Warcraft: Legion change the game significantly.

Increases critical strike damage of Obliterate and Frostscythe.