Princess margaret lotto 2018 winners

princess margaret lotto 2018 winners

The first draw would be for the Early Bird Prize, followed by draws for all remaining prizes starting with the lowest valued prize and concluding with the top valued prize.
Lottery Licence 9389 Please Play Responsibly.Tickets ordered after the VIP Prize deadline but before the Bonus Prize deadline will be eligible for 16,335 draws.Only tickets that have been paid for and/or have been verified as paid for are eligible to be entered for the respective draw(s).You roulette online casino queen are here: Home Ten Loyalty Prize winners announced in the Spring Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 2018 Home Lottery.Ticket Deadlines and Draw dates 50/50 Add-On Early Bird Ticket Sales Deadline: Midnight, May 4 50/50 Add-On Early Draw Winner Announcement: May 17, 2018* 50/50 Add-On Final Ticket Sales Deadline (if needed Midnight, May 18 50/50 Add-On Draw Announcement (if needed June 1, /50 Add-On.The Foundation does not trade, rent or sell any personal information to third parties.Tickets A maximum of 265,000 Calendar ticket numbers will be sold.Tickets ordered after the Loyalty prize deadline but before the VIP Prize deadline will be eligible for 16,340 draws.50/50 Add-On ticket numbers ordered will be issued in sequential order and will be listed on your Home Lottery Official Ticket receipt and will begin.About Georgina Price, view all posts by Georgina Price.Prize Winner Notification All winners will be notified in writing as to what they have won and where to claim their prize(s).In the instance where multiple tokens are inadvertently selected from the draw drum, and this is identified prior to the read in of the token number, Deloitte LLP will halt the draw immediately, tokens will be returned to the drum and the draw procedure will.Guidelines for purchasing are as follows: Only ONE method of payment.The numbered tokens correspond to each ticket holder represented in the ticket holder database.Total Early Bird Prize package value: 1,330,000.Tickets cannot be ordered in the name of a minor.

Ticket Deadlines Draw Dates Early Incentive Sales Deadline: Midnight, May 25 Early Incentive Draws: June 7, 2018 Final Ticket Sales Deadline: Midnight, June 1 Final Draws: June 14, 2018 Draw Order The 100 draws for the Early Incentive Cash Prizes of 1,000 will take place.If you wish to be removed from our contact list; please call or email.The top five (5) valued prize draws would be made live on CP24 on June 1, 2018 between 6:00am and 6:00pm at the Grand Prize Showhome located at 103 Carmichael Crescent, King City.In the event that all tickets are sold by the Early Bird Deadline of Midnight, May 4 then draws for all remaining prizes (with the exception of the top five (5) valued prizes) will be made on May 15 at approx.Toronto ON M5H 0A9 For more information about the draw process, please call or e-mail.The liability of the licensee of this lottery shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket.
A guaranteed 1,000,000 minimum prize payout will be paid to the 50/50 Add-On winner.

Real estate retail prize values are calculated based on contracted purchase price and include: land purchase price, Value of home construction, materials, labor, permits, all taxes applicable including full HST, cost of site preparation, landscaping, carrying costs, furnishings, decorating, landscaping.