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Free cash flow from operating activities was.5 billion, or 101 of net earnings.
W system to standardization in marketing was less successful.
Also, the breadth and diversity of the firms businesses and the breadth and diversity of the technological expertise that supports these businesses enable the company to transfer technologies from one business to another.These tools make the firm learn faster and more effectively, and it helps discover the often unarticulated needs and aspirations that lead to breakthrough innovation (Ibid).Today, the firm have a much stronger and more robust business portfolio.Currently, the company is among the ten most valuable companies in the United States (Ibid).As such, it is very clear in Our Principles of P G that they really value their human resources and that they value the individual, the team and their development to become leaders and their corresponding search towards excellence (m).It was the most demanding year that the company faced since the beginning of the decade.We develop superior understanding of consumers and their needs.Grants issued under these plans from July 1998 through August 2002 are vested after three years and have a 15-year life, while grants issued prior to July 1998 are vested after one year and have a 10-year life.We build superior relationships with all the parties who contribute to fulfilling our Corporate Purpose, including our customers, suppliers, universities and governments.HRM practices enable companies to gain a competitive advantage in two major ways: One is by helping themselves and the other is by helping others.

The firm will continue hsbc savings bonus to leverage its economies of scale.They identify the common needs of the consumer, develop product innovations, marketing and sales.Procter and Gamble (P G) have more than a billion dollars in sales each year with seven retail customers, up from two in 2001.Proctor and Gamble is a global corporation and manufacturer of consumer goods.P Gs policy for continual product development and creating better products than competitors was a great way to get the competitive advantage.We benchmark our performance rigorously versus the very best internally and externally.It will continue to improve gross margins.The firm is focusing on achieving disproportionate growth in fast-growing developing markets.Once the strategy is formulated, the determination of the needed behaviors comes from job analysis.These plans are fully funded.
A total of 229 million shares of common stock were authorized for issuance under plans approved by shareholders in 20, of which 73 million remain available for grant.