Quicksilver 100 bonus

quicksilver 100 bonus

I'm running Mercury Offshore Series 4-blade 21p, they have been re-cupped.
Always paid on time, happy with everything until it got compromised due to a fraudulent attempt this weekend.
When the new card arrived, a sticker on the front read that it was already activated- that was new/different than ususal, but I shrugged it off and put it in my wallet.
I'm not the only one who has had this issue either.No option to escalate to a manger who could help out, no application of basic logic (why suddenly flag this address out of the blue?The Fine Print, enrollment not required, our Verdict.Capital One is offering some Quicksilver cardholders a bonus of 100 when they spend 3,000 between April 6th to July 6th, 2018.Obviously not the biggest bonus, but its for existing cardholders and at least the card earns.5 cash back on all purchases.I've had this card for several years.All the vent holes are plugged, on empty boat I can get a nice china walk with a little chop.When I tried to explain all this to the rep, I was pretty much ignored.No such thing at Capital One "fraud protection" services!That above all else shows clearly, the issue is rigid customer service, not my actual consumer safety from fraud.The Offer, targeted offer, sent out via e-mail.Why not just call the banking side of operations and cross reference that my address is the same across accounts and settle it that way?).Hat tip to reader CJ wpDiscuz, comment Author Info.I logged in online and it said my new credit card account was locked and I needed to call the fraud team.The computer is the be all end all.

I was so fed up being ignored by the rep, I thanked them and ended the call, and tried calling in again to hope that a human would answer this time.So I'm done with it- the new card can stay on hold, and I'm moving on from QuickSilver.Does anyone know what would be the next step up from my props, not sure how the mercury props are graded for performance).I called in to get it closed and replaced.Unfortunately, when I went to use it the next day, it was declining.To me, it sounds like a computer algorithm flagged something erroneously, and a human needs to take the extra step to apply the logic at hand to remove that flag for a loyal, paying customer.I have no reason to change hilton aruba caribbean resort and casino noord props, although it be nice to have a spare set.Capital One has enough of my information, and if this is how they treat a loyal, paying customer when fraud occurs, then I'll take my credit card business somewhere that can handle it right.Thankfully with the Capital One Wallet app, I caught it right away ron d amico casino marketing and locked my card.Use your heads, and train a team equipped to provide actual customer service, insted of blindly following an auto prompt.Re: Quicksilver Mercury propellers- identical?