Red hot poker zone

Special: All dwarf varieties; unique bottlebrush flowers in new, vibrant color ranges for red hot pokers; spectacular re-blooming characteristics; tough and durable and simple to grow; drought tolerant; deer resistant; attracts butterflys and hummingbirds; long-la.
Kniphofias are rhizomatous perennials which perform best in full sun, in a sandy soil that has been enriched with humus.
No mushy muddy peat around this one!
Alternatively, you may cut the q casino and resort foliage off at the base in late fall.They look at their best with Achillea (yarrows Helenium autumnale (sneezeweed Hemerocallis (daylilies) and Rudbeckia (coneflowers).They can tolerate partial shade but flowering will be reduced.But the colors even make it more delicious!Provide adequate spacing to your Kniphofias as they may spread up to 3 feet over time (90 cm).Now with this Non-Stop Popsicle Series Red Hot Pokers, you get to enjoy the beauty of the Red Hot Pokers but stay cool while doing it!Virtually disease free, kniphofias provide interesting vertical accents in the garden, among other summer-blooming perennials.Division should be done in the spring or late fall.Uses: containers, borders, rocky slopes, cut flower, or those hard to grow and water areas.
High (45-180 cm) on sturdy stalks, they will need some protection from strong winds.

How-To: Red Hot Poker is really easy to grow, but remember, this plant is from South Africa.But today, its Kniphofia (pronounced Nip-fo-phia) and more popular every year.Never plant your Torch Lilies with their crown deeper than.Should be planted in the spring or in the fall.In its native range, its used to rocky poor soil, so keep that in mind.Drought, deer and rabbit tolerant, Kniphofias attract butterflies and are a favorite of hummingbirds.Brilliant Alcazar grows up to about 4 feet tall with the signature bright red and yellow flower-spikes.Their stout flowering scapes rise proudly above erect, tight, tufted clumps of arching, grassy leaves.Ships to Hawaii, Alaska Canada.Good drainage is essential to prevent crown rot.Full Sun, flower Color, orange, mature Height 12-18" tall, estimated Mature Spread 14-18" wide.
SKU: R57351 / Perennial, bloom Time: Early Summer pick my lucky lotto numbers to Mid Autumn, cultivar: 1 each carolina cash 5 ez match winning numbers of: Dreamsicle, Mango, and Lemon.