Slot machine restoration repair

slot machine restoration repair

I then began testing the mechanism to make sure everything was working correctly.
My email address: I am lotto max june 15 2018 still taking on restoration projects and am devoting as much time as I possibly can to complete them in a timely fashion.We do not service electronic machines.The manual PDF and your pictures helped me determine there were 4 coins jammed vertically at the bottom of the pay tube, and emptying all others I could clear the jam.As a prospective mechanical engineering student in college, I saw this as an opportunity to test some of my skills while also learning about mechanisms that were made around 80 years ago.It was also cleverly designed with a flap that covers the viewing window so that the reels and the machine's identity as a slot machine can be hidden.Wes Harr - the restoration technician for Slots of Montana - has been working on slot machines for over 45 years. .Now that the nickel was out of the mechanism, I was able to observe and play around with the different parts to see how they work together.Sincerely, Jeff Frahm, professional, antique Slot Machine Repair and Restoration Service.Once all the paint was removed, I sanded all the pieces until they were smooth.To clean the dirty metal pieces, I used a metal wire brush and high grit sandpaper to remove dirt spots and reveal the shiny metal underneath.In other words, we are proud of our work and do not believe in quick fixes, partial repairs or sub-standard work.I paid special attention to the gear train, as it has many teeth that grab each other and create lots of friction.Includes taking all pieces off the castings and polishing up the castings, cash bowl and any of the aluminum that can be buffed.

With your family nostalgia, you should keep yours and pass on to your kids as it will never lose any value and is a piece of history!Step 18: Reassembly Once the paint had dried completely, I used some more WD-40 for final lubrication.Please see our about us page for more information concerning restorations and our experience.Please do not ship anything without calling first.The key points I wanted to cover are: - Get internal mechanism working - Repaint outside of slot machine - Clean worn/dirty parts - Replace viewing window glass - Replace reel strips.Once the internal mechanism was removed, I unscrewed the remaining parts attached to the casing such as the top and front flaps, the viewing window glass and its retaining bracket, and the rubber feet on the bottom.Case Restoration Service 225.00, includes stripping and refinishing the sides and base of the wood on the cabinet.Your machine is treated like it was going into our own collection.I then printed them out on regular printer paper and laminated them so that the paper and the ink would last longer.
A video of me testing the slot machine can be seen on YouTube here: m/watch?