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You may try to use mod merger tool something like this one.
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Use Unification Patch by wghost81 (don't forget to endorse it) and download file Unification Patch will make your version of the game almost identical to GOG goty version of the game (GOG goty version after this patch will be backward compatible with non-goty versions) and.
If you agree to use hidden slot skill will be equipped in the first free hidden skill slot of that queensland best pokies group.The manual configuration can be made peppermill resort and casino reno in file.FCR3 - Immersion and Gameplay hack money google play Tweaks mod.They shape foam blocks by hand to make mountains and hills.After loading existing save or starting the new game first time after mod installation go to in-game menu Options- Gameplay- Skill Slots Count and select desired amount of skill slots (this should be done via in-game menu not on start screen).

Change SSS_UnlockMutagenSlots option to 0 using manual configuration.Im guessing that you imagined something like a Tesla Model S or Roadster. .(the second one described there: with CR4TelemetryScriptProxy).Look for "function SSS_MutagenSlotsTabbed.Error content0gamebehavior 74 Class 'cbttaskMaintainSpeedDef' already defined.Change SSS_ MutagenSlotsTabbed option to 0 using manual configuration.Once they have this information from you, they will take up to five weeks to design the track layout.Use at your own risk or use Slots mod.1 in this case.
If you see errors that contains " 'cbttaskMaintainSpeed' already defined for example this errors: Error content0gamebehavior 10 Class 'cbttaskMaintainSpeed' already defined.
Credits Thanks to user for goty compatible mod update.