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Red Tektronix coax cable UHF 170ohm 60" Tektronix flexible plug-in extension 30" for letter series Tektronix coax cable 50ohm 42" BNC Tektronix series plugin extension cable - photo Tektronix extender for 6R1A Tektronix extender for 6R1A Tektronix extender for 4S1/4S2/4S2A/4S3 Tektronix coax cable 75ohm 42".
For 7S11) - photo Tektronix sampling head normalizer (e.g.
photo HP 624A RF generator.5-10GHz HP 626A RF generator 10-15.5GHz 10mW - photo HP 628A RF generator 15-21GHz 10mW - photo HP 640A transfer oscillator 100-220MHz HP 650A signal generator 10Hz-10MHz - photo HP 651A signal generator 10Hz-10MHz 50/600ohm - photo HP 651B.Autoranging dual digital HP 6024A PS 0-60V 0-10A 200W dual meter - photo HP 6030A PS 0-200V 0-17A 1200W - photo HP 6031A PS 0-20V 0-120A 1064W - photo HP 6032A PS 0-60V 0-50A 1200W - photo HP 6033A PS 0-20V 0-30A 242W autoranging dual.1941) Boonton 190eter Boonton 202 FM signal generator Boonton 202B AM/FM signal generator 54-216MHz Boonton 202H AM/FM signal generator 54-216MHz - photo Boonton 219A stereo FM modulator Boonton 230A RF power amp 10-500MHz 30dB.5W Boonton 245D signal generator calibrator - photo Boonton 250A R-X.Ext heads HP 1815B TDR unit plugin, req.Think quartz and marble surfaces for starters.Storage display Tektronix 7912AD Programmable Digitizer, 500MHz 9 bit Tektronix 7912AD/13 option 13 625 line 50Hz TV scan Tektronix 7912HB Programmable Digitizer, 750MHz 9 bit Tektronix 7912P Programmable Digitizer Tektronix 7934 500MHz Fast Storage mainframe 4000cm/us - photo - spec Tektronix 7000 series plugins vertical.Simpson 150 AC current clamp Simpson 160 VOM Simpson 173 HV probe for Simpson 269, 16kVDC - photo Simpson 229 AC leakage current tester (analog) Simpson 230 VOM Simpson 240 VOM 1Kohm/volt - photo Simpson 250 VOM 5Kohm/volt Simpson 260 VOM - photo Simpson 265.11664 or 85027) - photo HP 8757D scalar network analyzer - photo HP 8757E scalar network analyzer 110GHz HP 8760A IF switch matrix HP 8760B IF switch matrix - photo HP 8761A coax switch spdt 18GHz - photo HP 8762A coax switch spdt DC-4GHz SMA.
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W/sweep (SG-1152/U) - photo Exact 605 programmable function generator Exact 627 function generator 13MHz gpib pompano poker tournament - photo F Fairchild 74-13A delaying sweep plugin (Dumont) Fairchild 76-02A dual trace vertical plugin (Dumont) Fairchild 76-05 vertical plugin 100MHz (Dumont) - photo Fairchild 765RH oscilloscope MF (Dumont) Fairchild.Through real-world testing we ensured you could easily step out over the steps without hitting your leg.Tektronix green CRT filter for 7934 etc.004 BCD Remote Control HP 3324A Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator 21MHz - photo - spec HP 3325A synth function generator 1uHz-21MHz, 11 Digit - photo HP 3325A/001 Opt.HP 10220A Microdot adapter for HP3406A HP 10221A 50 ohm GR probe tee HP 10228A DC Blocking Capacitor HP 10230B clock probe for 1600A HP 10231A 6 bit data probe for 1600A HP 10236A time interval standard 5ns-100ns HP 10237A cable for 1600A HP 10240B.010 /011 /030 /041 HP 5328A/H60 rear A and B inputs HP 5328A/H99 freq counter w/ocxo, 500MHz C channel, and gpib (does not accept option boards) HP 5328AF/96 incl.1933) - photo GR 605B RF generator.5kHz-30MHz 400Hz modulation GR 608A RC oscillator GR 631BL Strobotac GR 650A impedance bridge (April 1933) - photo GR 667A inductance bridge (March 1934) GR 702 vernier dial and indicator set - photo GR 716C capacitance bridge.
P/I, 4-8GHz HP 8694A/B Sweep Gen.
We even tested our tread plates to ensure small feet (or paws) wouldn't have troubles with the openings in the tread plates.