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Self-Deprecation : He recognizes his tryhard/ Sore Loser tendencies and sometimes call himself out for.
With Joe Bereta in the Dance Hot Tub Party, where the two did a program meant for a couple.
Fiery Redhead : She formerly dyed her hair bright red to match her aggressive personality.They did not leave the crew as a whole, as they still appeared in Smosh Games videos on an occasional basis.Vitriolic Best Buds : Given that most of the cast makes fun of him on occasion, it's is the brisbane casino open good friday like to know that he still has great relations with Lasercorn, Sohinki, Mari, and Wes.Sohinki's first choice would be to go back to times in his life where he had several choices and see what would happen if he had acted differently.FLitz Nerdsworth (Amra Ricketts) Acting Unnatural : In Grand Theft Smosh Jovenshire said "Flitz I need you to be Fitz in front of the military base" afterwards Flitz accidentally flew a helicopter into the base then stole a jet and crashed.Because, according to the others, Mari is a man.Walking Shirtless Scene : In recent GTA episodes, he dresses his character as a stripper and is constantly topless.Every Tuesday is an Honest Game Trailer (some dude with an awesome voice roasts a popular video game).The main reason I love this sub-channel as much as I do is because of the hosts and their dedication to produce 6 or more videos a week.
Super Mari Fun Time and game bangs involving scary games like.

When they reached their appointment the tattoo artist thought that the submissions were a joke and when Jovenshire finally saw the tattoo, he wanted to call him "Lasercorn" and from then on, the name stuck.Its the thought that counts, right? .However, he, alongside Lasercorn, played this trope straight during the Extreme Golf Carting cell outs video, as he actually hijacked the golf cart from Sohinki (who was driving so slowly he could out walk them) to speed around with.Black and Nerdy : A huge comic book fan, big gamer, and very intelligent.Sohinki lampshades this when he insists that Wes' stream of consciousness is "Candy, doughnuts, chocolate, candy, League of Legends." He was giddy with delight after winning a year's supply of Reese's Puffs.Good Mythical Morning, Ray William Johnson, and Smosh have all created sub-channels for various purposes like: foreign languages, extra content, bloopers, or to attract new viewers in general.He was barely recognizable when he shows up without his cap and glasses during a Smosh Summer Games episode.Informed Judaism : He has a Jewish background, but aside from an occasional mention of the fact, or being the brunt of some Greedy Jew jokes, he doesn't exhibit any typically Jewish behaviour.On American Express cards, the 4-digit code is above and to the right of your card number on the front of the card.Catch-Phrase : "I never agreed to any of this!" whenever he gets thrown into a situation he's not comfortable with (usually during a Game Bang or Cell Outs episode) "Get wrecked!
Oo C Is Serious Business : He calmly declared a truce after the gang burned down Lasercornia, causing everyone to freak out.
Twofer Token Minority : She's an Asian girl hanging out with a bunch of white guys.

Anthony (Anthony Padilla) Catch-Phrase : "Bitch!" or "Fuck my Life!" Dragged into Drag : Was forced to dress as an Afro Ballerina after fans of the Food Battle: The Game voted that outfit as their favourite.