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Reserving one ladle of the pasta water, drain the pasta well.
Some experts believe the crisis will be particularly severe in Scotland, because the continuing drain of departing youth multiplies the effect of an ageing population.
The pacu nurse monitors the compression-bulb drain from the abdominal cavity for the type and quantity of output.
Even worse, these utilities are often a continual drain and national budgets, thus the need to go to the IMF or World Bank for bailouts.Straight roads, sanitation, drains and fountains offered a clear and ordered view of the world.A long climb inexorably drains your body of glycogen and liquid.Close the water valves and disconnect the water lines just above the valves and the drain piping at the trap.Another day he hopes will come is when the network ceases to be a drain on the budget and becomes a revenue producer for the city.Cal drained yet another glass of whiskey as he re-read the note.Brazil is probably best known as the land of the Amazon, the world's largest river in area drained and volume of water and second only to the Nile in length.Once again back in his room he corked open the bottle before draining a long bitter drink.

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The sources and drains of the compensating transistors are connected together so that they transistors act as capacitors.He says the ditch in Holland Road which runs beside winstar casino gift shop his land is not draining because it is used as a dumping ground for rubbish.Internal spring plug pops up and down with each press.The government must stop turtle creek casino employment public money going down the drain That Minister, more than any other Minister in this House, has been responsible for public money going down the drain.It was very successful but when the problems died down the project became a big drain on resources so we stopped it, he said.Demands from the NSW Government for higher dividends are creating a drain on resources within the power entities.
Further, large tracts of its marshy breeding grounds were rendered unsuitable as they were drained and cleared for cultivation.